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No, if it has a decimal place then its not an integer

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Q: Is a none repeating decimal an integer?
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Is 33 a repeating decimal?

No, 33 is an integer. 0.3333 repeating is a repeating decimal.

Is a repeating decimal an integer?


Is 714 a repeating decimal?

No, it is an integer.

Is 38 a repeating decimal?

No, it is an integer.

Can a repeating decimal be an integer?

It can, since 0.999...=1. Therefore zero point nine repeating is an integer. Other repeating-decimal integers are 1.999..., 2.999...., -1.999..., etc.

How do you convert a repeating 9 decimal into a fraction?

0.999 repeating = 1 (the integer).

Is -.5 repeating an integer?

No, -.5 repeating is not an integer because an integer is a whole number without decimals or fractions

How can a decimal greater than 1 be a repeating decimal?

A decimal number is like a mixed fraction: it has an integer part and a fractional part. If the fractional part is a repeating fraction then the whole number is represented by a repeating decimal.

What are the numbers in the smallest group of repeating digits when 4111 is converted to a nonterminating decimal?

4111 is an integer and so there is no sensible way to convert it into a repeating decimal.

Which of the following results in a repeating decimal?

None of the following do.

How do you use long division to find a repeated decimal equivalency for 89?

89 is an integer, not a fraction. The repeated decimal equivalents are 89.000....(repeating) or 88.999... (repeating).

Who of the following cannot be written as a fraction an integer a terminating decimal a repeating decimal and a non-terminating non repeating decimal?

The latter which would be an irrational number that cannot be expressed as a fraction.

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