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No, it is not.

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Q: Is a octagonal based pyramid the same as an octahedron?
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What two solid shapes have the same faces 2 more edges and vertics than the other?

A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.A regular octahedron and a heptagonal pyramid.

Which 2 solids have the same number of edges?

A rectangular prism (cuboid) and a hexagon-based pyramid, for example, both have 12 edges. Of the five Platonic solids, an octahedron and a cube each have 12 edges.

What is an octagonal pyramid?

An octagon pyramid is more properly called an octagon-based pyramid. It is a 3-dimensional object whose base is an octagon. Attached to each side of the octagon are triangles whose bases are exactly the same lengths as the corresponding sides of the octagon. The "free" vertices of these triangles meet at a point, the apex, in a plane above the base.

What has all the faces the same has equilateral triangles has eight faces and is a polyhedrom?

Octahedron. It is two square pyramids that share a base (Imagine a pyramid from Egypt, flip it upside down, and stick that to the bottom of the original pyramid).

What does an octahedron look like?

An octahedron is a polyhedron with eight faces. A regular octahedron can be composed of eight equilateral triangles, four forming each half, and meeting in the middle at a square. Imagine a pyramid, with a square base. Rising up from each edge is an equilateral triangle that meets the other four triangles at the apex. Now, turn the pyramid over and add four more triangles to the other side the same way. You now have an octahedron. For more information, and a rotating picture, please see the related link below.

How many sides and faces does a octahedron have?

Sides and faces are the same thing, and an octahedron has eight.

Are the bases and faces the same on a pyramid?

Depending on the type of pyramid, it varies. Most pyramid types (including square, rectangle, octagonal, etc. pyramids) do not have congruent bases and faces, though some may have a few similar faces. Only one pyramid, the triangular pyramid, has a triangle for the base and all of the faces, which are congruent.

What are the attributes of a pyramid?

A pyramid has a based that is a polygon such as a triangle or rectangle. The other sides of a pyramid consist of triangles, which are usually the same size.

Does a hexagonal prism have the same number of vertices as a hexagon-based pyramid?


You are a polyhedron All of your faces are the same All of your faces are equilateral trianglesI have eight facesWhat are you?

An octahedron formed by joining together (base-to-base) two square-based pyramids.

Is the pyramid of Giza and the pyramid of Khufu the same pyramid or no?


Figure that has the same number of faces and vertices?

A triangular based pyramid has 4 faces and 4 vertices

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