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They both have rotational symmetry - of order 2. But whereas a rectangle has 2 axes of symmetry, a parallelogram has none.

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Q: Is a rectangle and parallelgram symmetric?
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Is a rectangle always a parallelgram?

Yes, but a parallelogram is not necessarily a rectangle.

What is the same about a rectangle and parallelgram?

In a parallelogram, the opposing sides are parallel. A rectangle is a type of parallelogram.

Does a parallelgram have a line of symmetry?

Usually not, unless it happens to be a rectangle.

What is parallelgram that has all sides but the same length but not a rectangle?

A rhombus

Which figure is symmetric?

a circle is symmetric so is a triangle, a rectangle.

Is a parallelogram always have to be a rhombus?

no it does not always have to be a parallelgram it could be a square or rectangle

A parallelgram with 4 right angles with different lengths and widths?


Is a rectangle symmetric?


What is a parallelgram shape like?

It is four sided and it's like a tilted rectangle.

How many angles does a parallelgram have?

a parallelogram has 4 angles it is pretty much a rectangle that is tilted

Is a rectangle a parallelgram?

Yes it is because a rectangle is made up of parallel sides: the top and bottom, the left side and right side

What of these has exactly 4 sides parallelgram pentagon square octagon trapazoid or a rectangle?

All of them have, except the pentagon and octagon.