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Q: Is cause of death a quantitative variable?
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What is a quantitative variable?

A variable is called a Quantitative variable when a characteristic can be expressed numerically

Is class rank a qualitative or quantitative variable?

A qualitative variable is a variable that has categorized values and the difference cannot be measured. A quantitative variable is a variable that consist of ordinary values and the difference can be measured. Depending on the type of class rank it can be both qualitative as quantitative.

Is distance a qualitative or quantitative variable?

'Distance' is quantitative, because it is a quantity.

Is the price of an item considered nominal variable?

No. It is a discrete quantitative variable.

Is state of residence qualitative or quantitative?

Qualitative 100% its that and not quantitative The variable is qualitative because it is an attribute characteristic.

Is sales rank a quantitative or qualitative variable?

Sales rank is a quantitative variable. The underlying value is sales, obviously a quantitative value. The median, minimum, maximum and percentile values are all quantitative statistics based on the ranking of data.

Is a a car license a qualitative or quantitative variable?

Qualitative for a car licenseQualitative for a favorite sportQualitative for a number of brothers

What is an example of continuous quantitative variable?


In statistics is gender a quantitative variable?

No it is qualitative

Is smoking a quantitative variable?

Smoking is not a variable. It is an act of doing something. Types of cigarettes is a qualitative variable.

Is type of meat a quantitative or categorical variable?


Give an example of a quantitative variable?

Shoe SizeHeightWeightAge