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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is electric field intensity a vector quanity?
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Can electric field intensity be a scalar quantity?

No,because electric field (force/charge) is a vector quantity, i.e. , it has both magnitude as well as direction.

What is the formula for electric field intensity?

Electric field intensity= force/charge

Is intensity of light scalar or vector quantity?

Vector field

What is Electric field intensity's?

Electric field intensity is the force experienced by a unit positive charge in another charge's electric field.

What is the electric field intensity at the center of a loop?

electric field intensity is zero at the center of the loop

Why is an electric field considered a vector quantity?

An electric field is a vector quantity because it has direction and a magnitude. Electric field has a certain direction in which it acts.

The direction of the electric field vector is defined as?

Direction of the electric field vector is the direction of the force experienced by a charged particle in an external electric field.

Electric field is a vector or scalar?

Both. The electric field is a Quaternion field, a scalar e and a vector E, E = [e,E]Maxwell's Equation. 0=XE= [d/dr, Del][e,E] = [de/dr -Del.E, dE/dr + Del e] = [db/dt - Del.E, dB/dt + Del e]

What distinguish electric field intensity from electric potential stating the unit of each?

Electric Field Intensity also simply referred to as the Electric Field is a vector quantity with the units (V/m) (Volts per meter) Symbol: E (Boldface to represent a vector)Electric Potential is a scalar quantity with units V (Volts). Also sometimes referred to as Voltage when dealing with the difference between two points. Symbol: V (non-bolded to represent a scalar)The relationship between the two is:The Electric Field Intensity E is equal to the negative of the gradient of V.

Current is scaler or vector?

Scaler. The electric field is its vector counterpart.

How do you define electric field intensity?

an electric charge seas up an electric field in it's exerts force upon any charges which arrives in this field region.the force will be stronger when the field intensity is higher

Why is an electric field considered a vector quanity?

Because if you place a small object with a small electric charge in the field and release it, there's a definite direction in which it will move under the influence of the field. The direction in which a positive test-charge tries to move is defined as the direction of the electric field at that point. Since it has both a magnitude and a direction, it has all the qualifications to be recognized as a vector, and to be granted all the rights and privileges attendant thereto.

Is electric field strength a vector?

Yes, it is.

Difference between electric field and electric field intensity.?

They are different names for the same thing!

What represent the surface integral of electric field intensity?

Electric flux.

What is the angle between dipole moment and electric field in a electric dipole?

Zero Dipole would set itself such that dipole moment vector is along the electric field vector

Voltage is a vector quantity or scaler quantity?

Scaler. Its vector counterpart is the electric field.

What is the different between electric force and electric field?

Electric field due to a charge is the space around the charge in which any other charge experience a force of attraction or repulsion. Whereas, electric force is the electric field intensity and is defined as the force on a unit positive charge at any point in an electric field is the electric field intensity E at that point.

Is the electric intensity at any two points in a uniform electric field equal?

Yes. That's what "uniform electric field" means.

Electric quadrupole and intensity of electric field?

Yes, yes, go on. What is your question ?

Is electric field strength scalar or vector?

The strength of the electric field is a scalar quantity. But it's the magnitude of thecomplete electric field vector.At any point in space, the electric field vector is the strength of the force, and thedirection in which it points, that would be felt by a tiny positive charge located there.

What are the difference between elactric field and electric displacement field?

The electric displacement field is a vector field, shown as D in equations and is equivalent to flux density. The electric field is shown as E in physics equations.

How does electric field intensity form?

due electrostatic force

What 2 things does electric field strength depends on?

Electric field strength depends on direction and magnitude because it is a vector quantity.

Why is the electric filed a vector?

In physics, a vector is basically anything you can measure (or imagine) that has both a magnitude (something you can express with a number), and a direction. An electric field has both; at any point in space, a unit charge will experience a force (which is in itself a vector). The electric field at any point can be understood as the electric force per unit charge.