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No. 1/2 is a rational number but it is not a natural number.

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Q: Is every rational number a natural number?
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Is every whole number a natural integer and a rational number?

Every whole number is rational and an integer. But the "natural" numbers are definedas the counting numbers, so the negative whole numbers wouldn't qualify.No and yes: it is not a natural number but it is a rational number.

Is every real number is rational?

No. Every real number is not a natural number. Real numbers are a collection of rational and irrational numbers.

Every natural numaber is a rational number?


Can every natural number be an irrational number?

No because they are rational numbers

Is every rational number a whole number?

No. Every rational number is not a whole number but every whole number is a rational number. Rational numbers include integers, natural or counting numbers, repeating and terminating decimals and fractions, and whole numbers.

Why every irrational number is also a rational number but not every rational number is a natural number?

Every irrational number is NOT a rational number. For example, sqrt(2) is irrational but not rational. A natural number is a counting number or a whole number, such as 1, 2, 3, etc. A rational number is one that can be expressed as a ratio of two whole numbers, which may be positive or negative. So, -2 is a rational number but not a counting number (it is an integer, though). Also, 2/3 is a rational number but not a whole, counting number or a natural number.

Is a natural number always a rational number?

A natural number is always a rational number .

Is every integer a rational number or is every rational number an integer?

Every integer is a rational number.

Is one half a rational number or a natural number?

Rational: yes. Natural: no.

Can rational numbers be placed on the number line?

well every integer fraction whole number natural number are rational number's surely rational numbers are represented on a number line and as rational numbers are the real numbers

Can a natural number be a rational number also?

All natural numbers are rational numbers.

Give you a rational number that is a natural number?

All natural numbers are rational numbers.

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