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'Five' is cardinal, 'fifth' is ordinal.

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Q: Is five a ordinal or a cardinal number?
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Related questions

Is five a cardinal or an ordinal number?

Cardinal. 5th would the be corresponding ordinal number.A cardinal number.

Is fifth a ordinal number or a cardinal?

'Fifth' is the ordinal number of the cardinal number 5.

Is number seven a cardinal or ordinal number?

7 is cardinal. '7th' is the ordinal form of 7.

Is the number 5 ordinal or cardinal?

The number 5 is cardinal. The ordinal form would be 5th

Is 50 an ordinal or a cardinal number?

50 is a cardinal number. The ordinal form of 50 is 50th or fiftieth.

What is the ordinal number before 13?

13 is a cardinal number, not an ordinal number.

Is 14th a cardinal ordinal or roman number?

It's an ordinal.

Is third an ordinal or cardinal number?

I do not how

What is the ordinal number for 30?

The ordinal number corresponding to the cardinal number thirty is thirtieth.

Is 14 a cardinal number or a ordinal or roman?

Fourteen is a cardinal number. Its equivalent ordinal number is fourteenth. Its equivalent Roman numeral is XIV.

If the ordinal number is 9 th then what will be the corresponding cardinal number?

The cardinal number is 9

What is the ordinal number for sixth?

sixth is an ordinal number already. six is the related cardinal number.

What is the ordinal number for 47?

The ordinal number for the cardinal number 47 is written forty-seventh.

Is a social security number an ordinal number?

No, it is cardinal.

What is the ordinal number for 99?

The corresponding ordinal number for the cardinal number ninety-nine is ninety-ninths.

Is Fifth is a Ordinal or Carninal Number?

'Fifth' is the ordinal word form for 5, which is a cardinal number.

Is 66 a cardinal number?

Yes - cardinal numbers are the counting numbers. This is as distinct from ordinal numbers - the corresponding ordinal number for 66 is sixty-sixth.

Is third an ordinal numbers or cardinal number?

Third (or 3rd) is the ordinal form of three.

Is fifth an ordinal or s cardinal number?


What is the third?

It is the ordinal number associated with the cardinal 3.

What is a specific quantifier?

A cardinal number, such as ten, or an ordinal number, such as first.

What is the cardinal number of 116?

116 is already a cardinal number - perhaps you are looking for the ordinal number, which is one hundred and sixteenth.

What rhymes with ordinal?

cardinal rhymes with ordinal

Is fifth an ordinal or a cardinal number?

Fifth is Ordinal (tellls the "order" something is in..i.e.first, second, etc.)

Is one fifth an ordinal or a cardinal number?

Ordinal. The way to remember it is that it pertains to things in order in a series.