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Q: Is seven eights of a cup more than three fourth of a cup?
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Is three fourths greater or less than seven eights?

seven eights is more than three fourths

Is eight ninths bigger than seven-eights?

Eight ninths is 1.587% more than seven eighths.

Where is seven eighth of an inch on a ruler?

Find the part of the ruler where the inch is divided into eight parts. Then count along seven. Seven eights is almost a whole inch. It is half a quarter MORE than three quarters.

What length is more precise 9.5 or 9 and three eights?

9.5 has the precision of one decimal place. 9 and three eighths converts to 9.375, which is 3 decimal places. Therefore, 9 and three eights is more precise.

Three eights is equal to how many mm?

Three eights what? Liters? Ounces? Please resubmit your question with more information so that it has a better chance of being answered with a proper answer.

Which is larger five eights or three quaters?

Three quarters (3/4) is the same as 6/8 (by multiplying the top and bottom by 2). The is more than five eights (5/8).

What is equal to 1 fourth?

0.25 is equal to one fourth but they are a lot more too.

What are all the fractions that greater than three fourths?

Fractions greater than three fourths include four fifths, five sixths, six sevenths, seven eights, eight ninths, and infinitely many more others.

Which is more three eights oz or seven sixteenth oz?

Seven sixteenths of an ounce is the larger of the two. You convert 3/8ths to 16ths by multiplying both numbers by two. That gives you 6/16ths, which is less than 7/16ths.

What is three more than seven million?

Three more than seven million is seven million three. 7,000,000 + 3 = 7,000,003

Is three eights greater than half?

no, three eights is one eighth less than one half. Imagine it as a pizza with eight slices. If you take 3, there is still one more piece left in your half.

Is three-eighths LARGER than three fourths?

no three fourths is more close to a whole. and three eighths is less to a whole than three the answer is NO, three eights is not larger than three fourths.

Is three fourth teaspoon more than half teaspoon?

Yes, it is.

How much more is 8x5 than 8x4?

8 times 4 is 32, but more to the point here, it is 4 eights. 8 times 5 is 40, but more to the point here, it is 5 eights. Obviously then, 5 eights is 1 eight more than 4 eights. Or 8. (and if you don't believe me, subtract 32 from 40 and see if I was right!)

Is one fourth smaller than three fourth?

Yes. It is like cutting a pie into four pieces. Three out of four pieces is more than one of those pieces.

How much more is three eighths than one fourth?

one eighth

What is if 6 and save one more he saved one fourth of the amount of it what does it cost?

Seven dollars.

How is seven eighths minus one fourth more than one half?


Is seven eighths more than one half and less than three quarters?

No. Seven eighths is more than one half AND three quarters.

Will there be a fourth Three Days Grace album?

More than likely. Probably in 2012.

Is two thirds greater than three eights?

Yes, it is. 2/3 is just less than 6/8 but more than 5/8.

Three fourths of a certain number is 15 more than one fourth of a number what are the numbers?

Fifteen is three-fourths of what number?

What is three more than twice a number is seven?


Is five eights more than one half?


Are more than three-fourth of the elements in the periodic table are nonmetals?

No, more than 3/4 of the elements are metals.