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No, volume is in cubic units, while surface area is in square units.

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Q: Is the area of a solid figure is the mearsure of the number of cubic units?
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What is the number of cubic units needed to fill a solid figure?

You must provide us with the shape and dimensions of the solid figure.

Which solid figure have the most verticies?

There is no limit to the number of vertices that a solid figure can have.

How do you mearsure 1 part solid to 2 parts HCl?

aqua regia oxygen.

What is the space within a geometric solid figure called?

It is its volume which is measured in cubic units

What are you measuring in volume?

Volume is the measure of the amount of space inside of a solid figure, like a cube, ball, cylinder, or pyramid. It's units are always "cubic", that is, the number of little element cubes that fit inside the figure.

The number of cubic units contained in the interior of a solid?


How is a solid figure named?

Solid figures are normally named after their number of faces.

What are the number of faces on a solid figure cone?


What solid figure has an odd number of vertices?


What is the number of cubic units needed to fill the space occupied by a solid?

the number of cubic units to fill an object is called its volume

What is the square feet of 8x4x4?

You have given three measurements, which would make a solid figure of 128 cubic feet

Is cone a solid figure or plane figure?

A solid figure.