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Yes, as x-y2=0

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Q: Is this a function x equals y2?
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Is y2 equals x a function?

Y2 = Xtake square root each sideY = (+/-) sqrt(X)=============now it is a function as both these equation pass the vertical line test

Y squared plus x equals 7. determine whether this is a function?

y2 + x = 7 : this can be written as y2 = 7 - x or x = 7 - y2. There is not a specific solution to this identity. For each different value assigned to x then a different value is generated for y. Or, it can be viewed that for each different value assigned to y then a different value is generated for x. This expression is therefore a function.

Is the parabola with an equation of x equals y2 is a function?

Yes, but x would be a function of y, not the other (usual) way round. The domain of the function would be y in (-infinity, +infinity) and the range x in [0, +infinity).

Is y2 equals x2 a function?

No, because there is more than one solution: y2 = x2 y = ±(x2)1/2 y = ±x Because there are multiple solutions for a single value of x, this does not qualify as a function.

If X varies inversely as y2 and x equals 5 when y equals 12 Find x when y equals 6?


What is the answer to x squared plus y squared equals 25?

X2+y2=25 (x-8)2+y2 =41

What is the function of the stars?

For a 4-point star, there are two methods ("a" equals how big the star will be.) Method 1: y1= x+a/x y2= x-a/x Method 2: y1= a/x y2= -a/x I do not know how to make a five star function. Sorry. :(

Is x2-y2 plus 49 equals 0 a function?


What is an example of an algebraic rule that is not a function?

x2 - y2 = (x + y)(x - y) is an identity, not a function.

What is the factor of x2-y2 equals 16?

(x + y)(x - y) = 16

How do you solve X9 - Y6 equals X3 - Y2 Between each X and Y power is an exponent?


Does every function have an inverse that is a function?

No. A simple example of this is y = x2; the inverse is x = y2, which is not a function.

Which choice shows y2 in isolated form x plus 4 2 plus y2 equals 22?


Does the graph x-y2 equals 1 represent x as a function of y?

X - Y^2 = 1 - Y^2 = - X + 1 Y^2 = X - 1 Y = (+/-) sqrt(X - 1) now, X is represented as a function of Y. Function values are generally Y values.

What is x equals y squared over cos pi?

cos(pi) = -1 so the equation becomes x = -y2. That is equivalent to y = sqrt(-x) The domain of this function is x ≤ 0. The graph of the function is the same as that of a unit parabola in the first quadrant rotated anticlockwise by pi/2 radians.

What is y to the 8th power as an product in four different was with only positive exponents?

y6 x y2 y4 x y4 y2 x y2 x y4 y2 x y2 x y2 x y2

X2 plus y2 equals 13 where y equals 2?

If y=2 then that means x^2=9 and x= 3 or -3

Is x2-y2 equals 81 a function?

The answer, for y as a function of x, depends on the range of y. Over the real numbers, it is not a function because a function cannot be one-to-many. But it is always possible to define the domain and range in such a way that the mapping in not one-to-many.

How do you derivative x plus y - 1 equals ln x2 plus y2?

There are several steps involved in how one can solve the derivative x plus y - 1 equals x2 plus y2. The final answer to this math problem is y'(x) = (1-2 x)/(2 y-1).

How do you solve (x y2)(x-y2)?


How do you graph y2x?

y2x is an expression, which cannot be graphed because we don't know what it equals. y = 2x, y2 = x, and 2y (or y2) = x are all things that could actually be graphed.

What is the radius of x2 plus y2 equals 9?

X2 or 2 times x?

How do you solve y2-x-6y plus 6 equals 0 as a parabola equation?

y2-x-6y+6=0 y2-6y+6=x (y-3)2-3=x so y = 3+sqrt(x+3) or y = 3-sqrt(x+3)

If SinA equals minusxdividedy then cosA equals?

sin A = -x/y Since the sine is the ratio of the opposite leg to the hypotenuse, let's assume the opposite leg's length is -x and the hypotenuse's length is y. Let's call the adjacent leg's length z. So: (-x)2+z2=y2 z2=y2-(-x)2 z2=y2-x2 z=√(y2-x2) cos A = z/y = √(y2-x2)/y

What is the cartesian equation for the vector function rt equals 4costi-4sintj?