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2 is bigger than -8

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Q: Is two or Negative eight bigger?
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Is positive two bigger or smaller or the same as negative eight?


What is six plus negative eight?

six plus negative eight is two

What is negative eight divided by two and two thirds?

negative 3

What is eight over negative two?

negative four is

Is negative eight greater than negative two?


Is a positive eight bigger than a negative eight?

Absolutely. I don't know what that other guy was thinking.

How much bigger is two thirds to eight tenths?

Eight tenths simplified is 4/5ths. When both are converted into percentages, 4/5ths is obviously bigger. Two thirds is not bigger than eight tenths.

What number is bigger a lower negative number or a higher negative number?

The question depends on what lower and higher mean. The number that is the smaller of two when you ignore the negative signs, becomes the bigger of the two when you put negative signs before them.

Negative eight plus two times four to the second power?

negative eight plus two times four to the second power

Is negative 8 greater than negative 2?

No, negative eight is less than negative two.

What is eight minuse negative two?


What is eight multiply by negative two?


What is twenty two and a negative forty eight?

they ARE two numbers

Is four tons bigger than eight thousand-two?


If you add a positive and a negative number how can you tell whether the answer will be positive negative or equal?

If the negative number is bigger then the answer will be negative If the bigger number is positive then the answer will be positive. All you do is subtract the two numbers and take the sign of the bigger number Ex (+2)+(-7)=(-5)

What is negative 8 over 2 simplified?

Negative eight over two is equal to negative four.

Is eight tenths bigger than two fifth?

Eight tenths is exactly double the size of two fith.

What number is bigger negative 0.04 or negative 0.050?

Negative 0.04 is bigger.

Which one is bigger negative 163 or negative 162?

Negative 162 is bigger.

What is negative two times four?

negative eight :) if you times 4x2 you get eight right? So if you add a negative to ONE number you add a negative to the answer. If you were to have both numbers as a negative, your answer would be postitive :) Hope I helped you :)

What do two negative numbers added together equal?

A bigger negative number. For example: -1 + -5= -6

Which is bigger negative five twelves or negative two thirds?

- 5/12 - 2/3 = -8/12

What two numbers have the sum of sixteen and the product of negative forty-eight?

18.583 and -2.583

Which is bigger negative 2.5 or negative 2.05?

Neg 2.05 is bigger.

What does negative six times negative two point eight equal?

-6 multiplied by -2.8 is 16.8