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There is no relationship between units of mass and either length of capacity.

Units of capacity are the cubed units of length.

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Q: Relation between units of lengths mass and capacity?
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What is the difference between units and square unit?

Units are used to measure lengths; whereasSquare units are used to measure area.

How do you get from units of length to units of angle?

if the two lengths are not touching, carefully move one of them until they are. measure the length between the outside ends of the two lengths. this makes a triangle. An angle can be calculated by using trigonometry functions on two of the lengths of a triangle. these can be simple or rather complex

What is the area of a regular hexagon with side lengths of 10 units?

The area of a regular hexagon with side lengths of 10 units is about 259.8 units2

A cube with a volume of 125 cubic units?

. . . has edge lengths of 5 units.

Why is area stated in square units?

the units for area are always stated as a square of some units of lengths?

If two sides of a triangle are 3 and 7what is the possible lengths for the third side of the triangle?

The last side length could be between 4 units and 10 units inclusive.

What is the area a parrallelogram?

If the adjacent sides are of lengths x and y units and the angle between then is t, then,Area = a*b*sin(t).

What type of units will perimeter have?

Since the perimeter is a sum of lengths, it will also be a length.

How do you compare two lengths that are measured in different sized units?

You can mutiply or divide the units to find the answer.

What is the relationship between metric units of measurements of mass and capacity and give examples of how they are used in the real world?


What is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of lengths 10 and 10 units?

10(radical "2") units, or about 14.1 units.

Use of metric ruler?

To measure lengths in metric units.

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