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As long as the angles are all equal as well then it is a regular shape.

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Q: Shape with all equal sides
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What is a regular shape?

A shape where all the sides are equal and all the angles are equal. If all sides are equal but angles or not, it is equilateral. If it is vice versa, it is equiangular.

What type of shape doesn't have equal sides?

It is an irregular shape or polygon that doesn't have all sides equal

What for sided shape has all sides the same length and all angles equal?

A square is a four-sided shape with all sides equal and all angles equal.

Shape with equal sides?

a shape with equal sides

What is the name of a shape with all equal sides?

Square. By definition, its sides must all be equal.

How do you explain a Eqalateral shape?

all the sides of the shape are equal (:

When is a shape a regular shape?

When all its sides and angles are equal.

What do you call a shape that does not have all sides equal?

It is an irregular shape

2d shape with 6 equal sides?

A shape with six sides is a hexagon. A hexagon with all sides and angles equal is a regular hexagon.

What are congruent shape?

A congruent shape is a shape with all of its sides equal length.

What is a shape with 5 equal sides all the sides are triangles?

A pentagon

What shape has 24 sides?

This shape is called an icosikaitera. All of the sides of the icosikaitera are all of the same equal length.

What is a shape which does not have equal sides?

circle The shape that does not have equal sides is a circle

What shape does not have equal sides and starts with an i?

what shape beginning with i does not have equal sides

What shape with no equal sides?

i think that a circle is a shape with no equal sides

What is a shape that has all equal angles and 4 congruent sides?

A shape with 4 right angles and 4 equal sides is a square. ==========================

What shape is a rectangle with all its sides equal?


What shape has all sides have equal length and all the angles have equal measure?


What is the shape with four sides and the opposite sides are parallel and equal?

A parallelogram is a four sided shape where opposite sides are parallel and equal lengths. If you mean that ALL sides are equal lengths, you are looking for a rhombus.

What shape has 5 equal sides?

a shape with 5 equal sides is a pentagon

A shape that dose not have equal sides?

If the sides are all straight - an irregular polygon

What shape does not have all equal sides?

In a triangle with no sides congruent we call it scalene.

What shape has 4 sides but all sides are not equal?

There is no specific name for such a quadrilateral.

What shape has four equal sides but not all the sides are right angles?

A parallelogram.

A shape with equal sides?

ashape with equal sides