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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Solve 6n + 10 < 4n + 16?
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6n equals 2n plus 16?

Move the 2n over the equals sign. Become 4n (as 6n-2n= 4n) and then if 4n=16 then n=4.

What is the solution to 6n-4-3 equals 3n plus 10 plus 4n?

6n - 4 - 3 = 3n + 10 + 4n -7 = 7n - 6n + 10 -17 = n

How do you solve this -6n-2n 16?

-6n-2n 16 can be solved mathematically getting n = - 2.

What is the LCM of a and b if a equals 4n and b equals 6n and n is a natural numberGive your answer in terms of n?

The LCM of 4n and 6n is 12n.

What is the net force that acts on a 10-N falling object when it encounters 4-N of air resistance?

The net force is the difference between the 10N falling object and the 4N of air resistance So you solve 10N-4N is 6N

To solve this problem using the multiplication principle -56n-10?

I need to solve this problem using the multiplication principle. -5/6n=-10 solution: -5/6n=-10 (- gets canceled) 5/6n=10 &frac12;=6n N=1/6*2 N=1/12

How do you solve 6n-2n equals 16?

Is this page of questions from school pupils asking us to do their homework? They are all suspiciously similar in type - only the values differ. However, it's: 6n - 2n = 16 4n = 16 (by completing the subtraction since they are multiples of n) n = 16/4 (change sides, change sign) n = 4. (do the division)

What is the most force you get if you add a 6N force with a 4N force?

The most force you get is 6+4=10 Newtons.

What is the answer for 7n plus 6n-5 equals 4n plus 4?

n = 1 7n + 6n - 5 = 4n + 4 13n - 5 = 4n + 4 13n - 4n - 5 = 4n - 4n + 4 9n - 5 = 4 9n -5 + 5 = 4 + 5 9n = 9 n = 1

What are the factors of 8n2 plus 6n?

The factors are 2n(4n + 3).

How do you solve 4n-7 equals 5-2n?

Here is one way. Start with: 4n - 7 = 5 - 2n add 2n to both sides to give: 6n - 7 = 5 add 7 to both sides to give: 6n = 12 divide both sides by 6 to give: n = 2

What is m plus 4n plus 3m-6n?

It can be simplified to: 4m-2n

What is the answer to 4n 1-23-2n?

If you mean: 4n = 1-23-2n then 6n = -22 and so n = 11/3

Which is the complete factorization of 2n-6n-36?

First we must collect and simplify 'like terms' 2n-6n-36. 2n-6n = -4n Therefore, -4n-36 Take out the greatest common factor. -4 (n+9) Ans = -4 (n+9)

What is 6n-3 equals 2n plus 9?

6n -3=2n+9 6n-2n=9+3 4n=12 n=12/4 n=3

What s the simplified expression of 3n-13-5n plus 6n?

It is: 4n-13

What is 4n plus 2 times 5n minus one?

20n2+6n-2 (4n + 2)(5n -1) This problem can be solved by FOILing. First, multiply the first terms to get 20n2 Next, multiply the outside terms to get -4n. Multiplication of the inside terms results in 10n. Combining -4n and 10n (they are like terms) is 6n. Then, multiply the last terms, to get -2. Combining these answers into one equation gives the answer of 20n2+6n-2.

Factor 18m4n-16m7n 12m4n8?

-2m^4n(8m^3 - 6n^7 - 9)

What is -6n-2n equals 16 equal to?

If: -6n-2n = 16 Then: n = -2

What is nth term of this sequence 16 22 30 40?


What is the nth term of 16 10 4 -2 -8?

It is: -6n+22

N2 plus 4n-12 equals 0?

2n+4n-12 = 06n-12+12 = 126n = 121/6(6n = 12)n = 2

How do you solve 5n 6n-2n?

5n+6n-2n can be solved by combining like terms. Combine 5n and 6n and -2n to get 9n.

What is 6n divided bu 10 equals 3?

6n/10=3 6n=30 n=5

What is -6n-2n16?

If you mean: -6n-2n = 16 then -8n = 16 and the solution to the equation is n = -2