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You can add and subtract any like terms. Since 8w, -4w, and 4w are all like terms, since 8, -4, and 4 all tell how many w's you have. This is the essentially same as saying "There are 8 apples, subtract 4 apples, and add 4 apples." (Don't forget that 8w-4w is the same as 8w + -4w). To solve, just add 8, subtract 4, and add 4. Leave w alone. The answer is 4w.

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Q: Solve the expression by combining any like terms 8w-4w plus 4w equals?
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How do you solve 2x-3x plus 1?

2x-3x+1 can be simplified (by combining like terms, or terms with the same number/type of variables) to -x+1. This is not an equation, but an "expression," meaning that there is no equals sign, and you cannot solve for x without an equals sign. If, for instance, that entire expression was equal to 7, -x+1=7 -x = 6 x = -6

What can you simplify an expression by combining what?

Like Terms and Variables

What is the difference between an expression and an equation?

An expression does not include an equals sign (=) For eg: 2x+3 would not be an equation but an expression However, 2x+3=0, is definitely an equation with a solution x= -3/2. An expression does not have a definite solution. An expression is a set of terms with mathematical operations combining them. An equation consists of two expressions with an equals sign between them. An expression is a collection of terms and does not have an = sign An equation is a collection of terms but has an = sign between them.

How do you solve 6a plus 5a equals -11?

6a + 5a = -11 Combining like terms: 11a = -11 Dividing by 11: a = -1

What are the directions when you have an expression?

When you have an expression you have to simplify by eliminating all grouping symbols and combining like terms.

How do you simplify the expression by combining like terms?


What does (show work) 12 plus 15h -14h plus 4 equals?

The expression: 12+15h-14h+4 can be simplified to 16+h by combining like terms

-4x plus 5x combining like terms?

That equals x.

Simplify the expression 3xy plus 5xy by combining as many terms as possible?

There are only the two terms, so 8xy

How do you simplify by combining like terms?

You add (or subtract) like terms. This will reduce the number of terms in the expression and that is the extent of simplification that you can achieve using this process.

What does it mean to simplify an algebraic expression?

It means to rewrite the expression so that it is in its simplest form. You can do this by combining like terms. For example: The equation 2x + 3x = 5 can be simplified to 5x = 5 by combining the "x's".

What does 10x 6y equals?

10x and 6y are terms of an algebraic expression