Some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids.?

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Not true.

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2010-01-24 22:39:17
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Q: Some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids.?
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Is it true some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids?


How are prisms and pyramids alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

How are prisms and pyramids similar?

They are both polyhedra.

How are triangular prisms and pyramids alike?

They both have a triangular shape

Compare rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms How are they alike?

there both rectangle

How are pyramids and prisms named?

They are both named according to the polygons that form their base(s).

How are alike rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms?

They both have at least one rectangular face.

How are rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms alike?

They are both 3d solid figures based on rectangles.

What do prisms and pyramids have in common?

They both have a base and sides. However, the prism has a second base at the top, which the pyramid does not have.

Reasons why pyramids and prisms have nothing in common?

They are both polyhedra. Therefore the question is based on false premises and so is a waste of time.

What are some similarities between rectangular and triangular prisms?

they are both solid shapes they both have a rectangle they are both prisms they are both bounded by plane polygonal faces hope this helps :)

How are rectangular prisms and pyramids are the same?

they are the same because, they both have rectangular bases. Rectangular prisms are rectangular from the top and bottom (they are flat) while a rectangular pyramid has a point on the top where all of the edges meet. A pyramid has a tip at the top which unables it to stand on the tip while prisms can anyways.

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