The equation for area

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It depends on the type of figure you are looking at.

For a:

  • rectangle: Length× height
  • circle: π x radius2
  • triangle: ½ x base x height
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Q: The equation for area
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Equation of how to get area for parrellogram?

Area = base*height

Equation for area of a circle?

area of a circle = pi*r2

What is the mathematical equation for area?

Length x Width = Area

What is the equation area equals length multiplied by width used for?

The answer is in the question "area = length multiplied by width" the equation tells you what the surface area of something (eg a football pitch) is.

If The radius of a circle is 28cm what is its area?

Area of a circle is defined by the equation: A = pi * r2. pi = 3.14159 & r = 28. Substitute into the equation: A = 3.14159 * 282. Area = 2463 cm2.

What equation shows the area of a triangle with a base length of 11 feet?

You need the height as well to find the area, but the proper equation would be A= 5.5h

What is the equation for the area of a rombus?

Area of rhombus = 0.5 times the product of its diagonals

Rule for finding the area of a parallelogram?

The rule for finding the area of a parallelogram is a simple equation of A=bh. For this equation, the A is area, b is base, and h is height. The area of a parallelogram is equal to the shape's base multiplied by the shape's height.

What is the volume equation for a cylinder?

area of the base*height

What is the equation to calculate the area of a circle if you know the diameter?

Area= Pi r squared

What is the equation to solve the area of a semicircle?

Area of a semicircle = (pi*radius^2)/2

Area an radius equals 42 square feet What is the best translation of this equation?

Which of the following is the best translation of this equation?