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x = 7

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Q: The square root of x-3 plus 5 equals x?
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Square root of x 3?

The square root of x3 is x3/2 or x1.5. Either way it means sqrt(x3).

How do you work out x3 plus 1 equals 65 on calculator?

If: x3+1 = 65 Then: x3 = 65-1 And: x3 = 64 So: x = 4 by means of the cube root function on the calculator

Square root of x to the sixth power?


Y equals x3 plus 4x - 3.6?


1 plus x plus x2 plus x3 plus x4 plus plus x24 equals 49x25?


What is the solution to x3 plus 125 equals 0?

It is x = -5

Is f9x0 equals x3-x2 plus 5 a linear function?

No, it is not.

The curve with equation y2 equals x3 plus 3x2 is called the Tschirnhausen cubic?


What is the square root of x cubed plus x squared?

sqrt(x3 + x2) = x*sqrt(x+1) and that cannot be simplified further.

How do you solve X3 equals 216?

cube root of 216 = 6 > X= 6

Write a c plus plus program to find the sum of series S equals 1 plus x2 plus x3 plus x3. plus xn?


What is the square root of 12 in simplest form?

square root of 12 = sq rt of (4 x3) = 2 x sq rt 3

What does -x3 equals -6 equal to?


Find the multiplicity root of the equation x3-x2-x plus 1 equals 0 near x0 equals 0.9?

The end part of the question does not seem to make sense. The equation has three real roots, a single root at x = -1 and a double root at x = 1

How do you factorise x3 plus 2x2-8x plus 5 equals 0?

x3 + 2x2 - 8x + 5 = 0 x(2x - 8) + 5 = 0

How do you solve x5 equals 64x2?

x5 = x3 times x2. In this case x3 = 64 so x = cube root of 64 ie 4

How do you solve x3 plus 125 is equals to 0?

Realising that 125 is a perfect cube, this is actually pretty easy: x3 + 125 = 0 x3 = -125 x = -5

What is x cubed divided by square root of x?

x3/x1/2 = x5/2.

Need help solving this algebra problem x3-5 equals 3?

X3-5=3 X3=3+5 X3=8 cube root of X3=cube root of 8 X=1.68 I hope this could help. There's not really any good ways to write algebra in a normal text box.

How do you integrate square root of x3 plus 2?

This integral is a bit complicated to try and type here, so I've included a link to a better representation of it below, under "related links". Also, I assume you do not mean to include the "plus 2" in the square root, as the integral becomes considerably more complicated then.

How do you write the square root of x to the third in exponential form?

Square root is the same as raise to the 1/2 power, so multiply the exponents {(ab)c = abc}, so sqrt(x^3) = (x3)1/2 = x3/2

How do you factor x cubed-36 equals 0?

x3 - 36 has no real solution. It factors to(x - 3.30193)(x + (1.65096 - 2.85955i))(x + (1.65096 + 2.85955i)) where i is the square root of -1.

Is a polynomial with square root a polynomial?

It is a polynomial if the square root is in a coefficient but not if it is applied to the variable. A polynomial can have only integer powers of the variable. Thus: sqrt(2)*x3 + 4*x + 3 is a polynomial expression but 2*x3 + 4*sqrt(x) + 3 is not.

2x3 - 7 plus 5x2 - x3 plus 3x - x3?

2x3 - 7 + 5x - x3 + 3x - x3 = 8x - 7

Integrating square root of x cubed?

Integral of x3/2dx using power rule = (5/2)x5/2 2.5 times the square root of x to the fith.