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A sphere?

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Q: The top side and front views of a solid figure are similar circles what shape is the solid?
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What shape is always similar?

Squares and circles are always similar.

What is a figure eight?

A 'figure eight' is any shape that loosely, or closely, resembles the shape of 8 - in other words, two conjoined circles, or ovals.

What figure with similar size an shape called?

a vertex

What does similar figure mean?

A figure that is the same shape as another but could be a different size.

What is a doughnut mathematically?

2 consecutive circles ============= As a solid geometric figure, a doughnut shape is called a torus.

Is a figure similar if the sides and angles are congruent?

Yes .But it depends what shape

What is a simmilar figures?

A similar figure is proportionally the same shape as another figure and all the angles are the same.

What is figures that can have the same shape but not necessarly the same region figure?

They are similar figures.

What is figures that can have the same shape but not necessarily the same region figure?

They are similar shapes.

How do you compare and contrast congruent and similar?

Similar means they are of the same shape but not necessary the same size. two figure are congruents when they are of the same shape and size. congruent figures can be similar but not similar figures aren't always congruent

What are similar figures?

A similar figure is one with the same shape, the same angles, and the same relative dimensions as another. A similar figure may only be different, if at all, by scale size.

What transformation will result in a similar figure?

An enlargement transformation will give the result of a similar shape.

Figures that same shape but not necessarily the size?

Your question is not clear. Please reword and clarify. similar=two figures that have the same shape, but not necessarily the same size

What type of rules will make a similar figure?

Same shape same angles but smaller size

What shape SpongeBob's parents?


What are the shape of a flat cell?


What shape does not have right angles?


Which shape has faces that are circles?

There is no shape which has only circular faces.

How do you find the dimensions of a figure if you know the dimensions of a similar figure?

If two objects have the same shape, they are called "similar." When two figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal. To determine if the triangles shown are similar, compare their corresponding sides.

Why are M and Ms shaped like circles?

Circles are the easiest shape to make.

What is a congruent figure?

its a reflected shape because they are similar to each other but not the same size so they are reflected

Is it true that circle are congruent?

All circles are similar, they all are the same shape, regardless of size. Only if they have equal diameters, would they be congruent.

What shape has a curved shape?

Circles have a completely curved shape, and NO sides. So do ovals.

What is the shape of the faces on the cylinder?

rectangles and circles

What shape has 2 faces which are circles?

A cylinder.