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The probability of getting on the first draw a black ball is: P(B1) =


The probability of getting a red ball given the event of drawing a black ball on the

first draw is: P(R2│B1) =


The probability of drawing a black ball on the first draw and a red ball on the second draw is: P(B1UR2) =


2│B1) =

(3/7)∙(4/6) =

0.2857... ~ 0.286 ~ ~ 28.6%

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John has 16 red balls and 12 black balls what is the ratio of red balls to black balls in its simplest form?


Should you have black balls?

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I already have 3 balls of wool but he says you that bring 3 balls of wool again which i already haverunescape?

I am assuming that what you are talking about is the quest where you have to get BLACK balls of wool and give it to the farmer. You get black balls of wool by shearing the black sheep, then spinning the wool on the spinning wheel.

If a bag1 have 12 balls including 4 black balls and bag2 have 12 balls including 2 black ball how many black ball need to put in bag2 to make same probability of both bag?

The probability of a black ball in bag 1 is 4/12 = 1/3. If you add 3 black balls to bag 2, it will contain 5 black balls out of 15: the probability of a black ball being 3/15 = 1/3.

In which sport do red and yellow balls oppose blue and black balls?


A box contains 7 red balls and 11 black balls two balls are taken out one after the other without replacement what is the probability that both balls are black?

11/18 x 10/17 = .359

What is the probability of pulling a black ball and then a green ball if there are 3 red balls 3 green balls 3 blue balls and 3 black balls?

3/12*3/11 = 9/132, or 6.818%.

Is Jack Black in Balls of Fury?

No, he is not.

What is the probability of choosing 3 red balls and 2 black balls out of a bag which contains 5 red balls 2 green balls and 4 black balls?

If you draw enough balls, without replacement, the probability is 1.The answer depends onhow many balls are drawn, andwhether or not they are replaced.Unfortunately, your question gives no information on these matters.

Are there secret master balls in Pokemon?

Surprisingly, yes. In Black and White, if you trade with people from fifty different countries, you receive a second Master Ball.

Where can one purchase a black bowling ball?

One can purchase a black bowling ball from many sports retailers which carry bowling balls. Dick's Sporting Goods carries bowling balls and will have black balls or would be able to order them in.

How many master balls do you get in Pokemon black?

You can get 2 Master Balls in both versions.

Will the earth end because of the atom smasher?

Chances are, probably not. Even if it does create a black hole, it would be extremely small and only last for a fraction of a second.

If A box contains three black balls and four gold balls Two balls are randomly drawn in succession from the box If there is no replacement what is the probability that both balls are black?

(3/7)*(2/7)=(6/49) You have a 6 out of 49 probability.

What is the colour of bocce balls?

red or black

When an urn contains 12 red balls 153 blue balls 2 black balls 47 white balls and no green balls What is the probability you do not draw any ball at all?


If you draw 5 balls with replacement from an urn containing white balls and black balls is the probability of getting 3 white balls always higher than if you draw the balls without replacement?

The probability of getting 3 white balls in a draw of 5 balls with replacement from an urn containing white balls and black balls is always greater than the same test without replacement, because the number of white balls decreases when you draw a white ball and do not replace it. The ratio of white to black with replacement is constant, and is always less than one, assuming there is at least one black ball. The ratio of white to black without replacement decreases each turn, and is still less than one, and is less than the previous ratio, unless the question asked about 2 white balls or less.

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Black and wight

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black balls

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How many black balls are there on a snooker table?


Does black move second on chess?

Traditionally Black moves second .

Where to buy a leaf stone in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot buy leaf stones you have to earn them from people like lennora the second gym leader or find them in poke balls.