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Q: To make a rectangle of area that is 240 what could your perimater be?
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Can you find the area of a rectangle only knowing the perimeter?

To find the area of a rectangle, you multiply the length by the width (one side by a different side) Or you could count how many centimeter squares make up the rectangle

How is the formula for the parallelogram related to the area formula of the rectangle?

The area formula for the parallelogram is related to the area formula for a rectangle because you can make the parallelogram into a rectangle to find the area.

How do you make a rectangle with the same perimeter but different area?

You just have to change the lengths of the sides. For example, if you wanted a perimeter of 20, your rectangle could be... 1x9 with area of 9 2x8 with area of 16 3x7 with area of 21 4x6 with area of 24 5x5 with area of 25 All of these have the same perimeter, but a different area, see?

How do you find the cubed area of a rectangle?

The question does not make any sense. A rectangle is a 2-dimensional object and an area is a 2-dimensional concept. The area of a rectangle is its length times its width. A cube is 3-dimensional. There is no such thing as a cubed area.

Can the perimeter of area of a rectangle ever be an irrational number?

Yes, of course. Why ever not ? You can make your rectangle any size you want.

How do you make a shape with 18 area and 20 perimeter?

a 4*5 rectangle.

What is the formula to solve for the area of a rectangle?

Make sure you know the length and width of the rectangle in the SAME UNITS ... both in inches, or both in meters etc. Then just multiply the two numbers ... Length x Width. The answer is the area of the rectangle.

How do you maximize the area given the perimeter?

In the case of a rectangle, you would maximize the area given the perimeter by making the dimensions equal. In other words, you would make the rectangle into a square. However, to truly maximize the area, you would make the perimeter a perfect circle.

How do you compute the area of a lot with no equal sides?

you need to look at the smallest side and make a rectangle with that side. Than you will have some triangles and add that to the rectangle area. If you ask a specific example, i will gladly tell you the area.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 10 ft Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of the length of one side x of the rectangle?

This question has no unique answer. A (3 x 2) rectangle has a perimeter = 10, its area = 6 A (4 x 1) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 4 A (4.5 x 0.5) rectangle also has a perimeter = 10, but its area = 2.25. The greatest possible area for a rectangle with perimeter=10 occurs if the rectangle is a square, with all sides = 2.5. Then the area = 6.25. You can keep the same perimeter = 10 and make the area anything you want between zero and 6.25, by picking different lengths and widths, just as long as (length+width)=5.

What are the side numbers to make a rectangle with 82cm perimeter and 40cm area?

Assuming you meant area of 40 cm2, the rectangle would need to be 40 cm x 1 cm

Why does the area of a rectangle change?

if you change the side length the area will change. It is possible to change them and not change the area. For example make side twice and long and the other half as long. But in general, if you change the lengths of the sides the area of the rectangle changes.