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He got 6 wrong.

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Q: Ty got 6 out of every 7 questions correct if he got 36 questions correct how many did he get wrong?
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How many questions wrong on a 124 question test to get a 70?

37 questions wrong gives you a 70.2% correct.

How many wrong answers can you get out of 200 questions to get a 70 percent?

You can get 60 questions wrong, which leaves you with 140 answers correct, giving you 70%.

Are all the answers on this website correct?

No, sometimes i have noticed an answer that someone has sent and it has been totally wrong, but the majority of them are correct. The answers on this site are from ordinary people who happen to answer them. They are not necessarily experts, and many are kids. So the answers vary in correctness. Some people even answer questions intentionally wrong. This is of course a problem. There are many people working on correcting faulty questions and answers every day. This makes the site generally improve every day.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 100 questions?

You can get 20 questions wrong.

How many questions can you get wrong on a 150 question exam and receive 70 percent?

Provided that all 150 exam questions are weighted equally, then 105 correct responses is 70%.

You got 90 on a test that has exactly 40 questions how many questions did you get wrong?

A test score of "90" represents the percentage of correct questions. Multiply this percentage by the total number of questions and you will have the number of questions correctly answered. Subtract this from the total to find answers wrong. 90% of 40 questions = .90 x 40 = 36 questions right. 40-36 = 4 answers wrong.

On a recent test Sterling got 2 questions correct for every 3 questions he missed If the test had a total of 80 questions how many questions did sterling answer correctly on the test?


How many questions can be wrong on a 40 question test to get 60 percent?

You need to get 40*60/100 = 24 correct, so you can get 40-24 = 16 wrong.

How many questions must be answered correctly to get score of 68 has 60 questions 2 points for correct answer no points for unanswered questions two thirds of a point subtracted for wrong answer?

Answer 34 questions correctly, ignore the rest.

Jenny anwsered 80 percent of the 20 questions correct how many did she get right?

16/20 each question is 5% so 4 wrong and 16 correct.

Rudolph is taking a test that has 30 questionsHe earns 9 points for every correct answer and loses 5 points for every wrong answerIf Rudolph's score is 18 how many questions did he answer correctly?

The obvious answer would be 2 (9x2=18), but would be dramatically wrong as Rudolph would have had a score of -122 (5x28=140, 18-140=-122). The correct answer is 12 (9x12=108, 5x18=90, 108-90=18).

If you missed 3 questions on an sol tesst with 50 questions what would you get?

3/50 = 0,06 = 6 percent wrong, which means you get 100 - 6 = 94 % correct answers. Also it depends on how many you got wrong, so if you got 5 wrong you would get an 84.

Why do most of these question websites have many bad answers?

The reason that websites such as Wikianswers have many incorrect or bad answers is because of who is allowed to answer or edit questions. Every user is given the right to answer questions that they feel fit for answering. Some users are not qualified and do not know how to access the correct information at times, which is the reasoning for answers being answered wrong.

Why is answer. com always wrong?

It isn't always wrong. Many of the answers are correct and there are people who volunteer on the site to correct, delete, and take care of vandals. Sometimes the questions are incomplete, don't make sense, are not clear, or just can't be answered.

If you had 86 questions on a test and got 83 correct how many problems did you answer correctly?

83. You may have typed the question wrong.

How many correct answers do you need to pass a learners permit test?

It mostly depends on the State but for instance in Pennsylvania you get asked 17 questions and you can only get 2 wrong.

How many questions can you get wrong on a test with150 question test?

You can get up to 150 questions wrong.

Took a test that had 20 questions. Total grade was computed by 10 points for each correct and 5 point deduction for each wrong. All questions were answered with a score of 125. How many were wrong?

well you can go to answer right under ask and it will give you a list you can answers

If Tom got 70 percent of the questions correct on a music test if he got 7 questions correct how many questions were on the test?

10 questions

Why don't people fix wrong answers on this website?

Oh, but people do fix wrong answers. With how many questions are asked a day, not every question can be noticed, so sometimes wrong answers slip through the cracks. That's not to say every wrong answer isn't noticed - when a wrong answer is noticed, it's generally corrected, or sometimes, deleted altogether.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 50 questions?

80%=80/100 80/100 x 50 questions = 40 correct answers. therefore 50 - 40 = 10 incorrect answers.

How many question can you miss out of 43 to get a 60 percent?

If all questions are weighted the same, then you could miss 17 questions, or 26/43 correct, and get a 60 % assuming that there are no penalties for wrong answers.

Jane answered 50 questions on a test and had one tenth of them of them wrong How many questions were wrong?


How many questions can you get wrong on a 210 question exam to get a 70 percent?

You can get 63 questions wrong and get 70%.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 40 questions?

Each question is worth 2.5 percent. You can get 8 wrong.

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