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6 and 6/6 = 7

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Q: Use three 6s to equal seven?
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How many sixths equal three eighteenths?

9. Three 1/6s = 1/18. Three x three = 9. Hope that helps ;)

How many 6s are equal to 42?

There are 7 times 6 = 42

If someone has three jacks and two sixes does it beat someone with three sixes with two jacks in Texas hold em?

3 jacks and two 6s is better then 3 6s and 2 jacks :)

What is the use of the magnet in a 6s thermometer?

To reset the index

Is four 6s equal to two thirds?

If you mean 4/6 then it is equivalent to 2/3

What are the three biggest threats to rainforests?

Man and Deforestaion from Liam Casey 6S

Answer to -40 equals 8-6s?

-40 = 8-6s -40 - 8 = 6s -48 = 6s 8 = s

Are three fourths and five sixths equivalent?

no 5/6s is larger than 3/4s

Is cena satanic worshipper?

yes he is he throws up the satanic hand symbol with means three 6s

What is the value of the 6 in the number 6753656?

There are three 6s in your question - six million, six hundred, and six.

What are the multiples of 6s?

6s, 12s, 18s, 24s, 30s, 36s and so on.

How many orbitals are in the 6s sublevel?

One orbital - 6s which can hold 2 electrons.

Which is better iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus?

Theyre almost the same expect the plus is bigger has more battery life and has ois while the 6s doesnt

Factor by grouping 6s'2 plus 29s-42?

(s + 6)(6s - 7)

When will the IPhone 6s come out?

There has not been any official announcement as to when the new iPhone 6s will come out.

When was the iPhone 6 made?

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launched in September 2015.

How can you make 30 using three 6s?

6 x 6 = 36 36 - 6 = 30

What is the answer -6s plus 10 equals -5s?

-6s+10 = -5s 5s-6s = -10 -s = -10 s = 10

What is the answer to 19s 4 - 6s?

If you mean: 19s = 4-6s then the value of s works out as 4/25 If you mean: 19s+4-6s then it can be simplified to 13s+4

How many 6s are in 162?


How many 6s are in 31?


What GB does the iPhone 6s come in?

iPhone 6s comes in two storage variants which are 32GB and 128GB.

How many 6s will you pass through if you count through 1 to 100?

there will be 10 6s through the whole thing

Solve for s 6s plus 2s equals 72?

6s+2s=72 combine like terms 6s+2s=8s set equal to 72 8s=72 divide both sides by 8 to solve for "s". 8s=72 8 8 your answer is s= 72/8 which is 9.

Which hand is stronger two Aces and three 2s or three 6s and two 2s in poker?

Both hands are full houses, which means that there is a three of a kind and a pair in each hand. When comparing these hands the three of a kind is what determines the winner, in this case three 6's beats three deuces.