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They are circles whose radii are smaller than some value set by the user.

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Q: What are small circles according to algebra and trigonometry?
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All points on the surface of earth that have latitude circles that are not zero are known as what circles?

Small circles

How to draw great circles and small circles drawn?

use a compass

All points on the surface of Earth that have latitude circles that are not zero?

small circles

How do you put 7 small circles in 3 big ones so that each big circle as 4 small circles?

Draw three circles that touch in a shape of a circle. Draw two small circles in each big one and another in the intersection. It is supposed to be a Venn Diagram.

How do you build muscle in a horse's leg?

trotting poles trotting circles(not small circles though)

What are the small circles or rotations of an object called?


What represents hilltops on a map?

small, closed circles

What is cocci bacteria?

the shape of the bacteria cells are small circles

What are white circles on your skin?

Small white circles are probably sebaceous cysts, also known as white-heads. Larger white circles could be frostbite scars.

If there are two circles and the small one has diameter of 20 what is the radius of the big circle?

You need some more information about any of the circles, or about the relationship between the two circles, to answer this question.

Would a small circles chord be smaller than a big circles chord?

yes because one is smaller than the other

What is the importance of spherical trigonometry in math?

Historically, it is because we live on a planet which is approximately spherical. 2-dimensional trigonometry was adequate for relatively small shapes where the curvature of the earth had negligible effect. For larger shapes the spherical nature of the earth was important and therefore, so was spherical trigonometry.

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