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Q: What are some mathematical concept and vocabulary do you need to solve a problem?
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What does solve in mathematical term mean?

It means to work out the answer of a given mathematical problem.

How do you solve the mathematical problem make 200?

With my eyes shut.

How can you solve the tower of hanoi?

1. Write mathematical analysis for recursive algorithms. Solve Tower of Hanoi Problem and analyze it.

What are the steps involved in system approach to solve the problems?

If this is Mathematical, or Physics, Chemistry numericals you are talking about then, 1---> Read the problem. 2---> Identify the question or what has to be found out. 3---> Read the data given in the problem and analyze it. 4---> See if you know any formula/concept that can help you use the data given in the problem. 5---> Apply, solve carefully. Obtain result.

How do you determine x and y in the same mathematical problem?

substitute 0 for y and solve for x. then substitute x for 0 and solve for why and you have the x and y coordinates

IS The concept of locking can be used to solve the problem of uncommitted dependency and update?

for uncommitted dependencyanswer is YESForupdateans is NO

What does collect mean in mathematical terms?

To collect your data or to gather it and put it all into a graph or plot for you to make a problem to solve.

What is a mathematical investigation?

A mathematical investigation might be demonstrated by a situation where someone gets a math problem and tries to sort it out. Normally a mathematical investigation has a question to answer or a problem to solve. The field of statistics is populated largely by mathematical investigation. And a link is provided to the excellent Wikipedia on that topic. Surf on over and read just the first paragraph....

What is a math cocept?

A math concept is how you solve a math problem or the ideas. You usually have to memorize math concepts.

How does one choose the best calculation method to solve a mathematical problem?

The best way to choose the best calculation method to solve a mathematical problem is to choose what's best for you like whatever way the person is best with. There's a geometrical, analytic and guessing way. It'd be best to choose whatever the person is experienced with.

What is a mathematical formula?

A formula that shows you how to do or solve a mathematical problem. Ex. Y2-Y1 ------- X2-X1 That is used to find the slope of two points (Also known as point form, if I am correct.)

What is quantitative management?

Quantitative management is the use of math to solve problems. It is important to collect information about a problem and solutions to create a useful mathematical model.