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5 sides

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Q: What are the all the possible dimesions of a rectangle if the area is 15809?
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What are the dimesions of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 38 units and an area of 60 square units?

The dimensions are 4 units by 15 units

Is the affect the same on a square versus a rectangle when the dimesions are doubled?

In both cases, the area becomes 4 times what it was originally.

What is the greatest possible area for a rectangle?

Area of any rectangle in square units is its length multiplied by its width.

Is it possible for a rectangle and a triangle to have the same area?


Given a nonagon has a area of 234.30 . And what is the dimensions of rectangle if the area of rectangle is equal to the area of nonagon?

The area of a rectangle does provide enough information about its dimensions. It is possible fo the rectangle to be long and narrow or squat and short (almost square).

A rectangle has a area of 36cm2 what are all the possible perimeters be?


How do you find area of a rectangle within a triangle?

It is not possible to answer the question without additional information about the triangle and the rectangle.

How does area of a triangle relate to area of a rectangle?

It is not possible to provide any kind of answer without information on the relationship - if any - between the triangle and the rectangle.

What are the possible area of the rectangle?

The usual way to calculate the are of a rectangle is to multiply length x width.

Is it possible for a rectangle to have a same numerical perimeter and area measure?


What is the least possible perimeter for a rectangle with an area of 169ft2?

52 ft

Is it possible to have a rectangle with the same perimeter and area?

NO, because if you did it would be a square

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