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um blah blah dont forget the integer keep trying

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Q: What are the concepts of zero and negative numbers?
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Positive and negative whole numbers and zero?

Positive and negative whole numbers and zero are integers. Zero is neither negative or positive.

The set of numbers consisting of the positive numbers the negative numbers and zero?

The set of numbers that consists of the positive numbers, the negative numbers, and zero are integers. There are no fractions in integers.

Which is less negative or positive?

Negative has a lesser value. Negative means the numbers below zero. Positive means the numbers above zero.

Are negative numbers depressed?

No. Numbers are abstract concepts: they are alive and so have no feelings (sorry, numbers!)

How are positive and negative numbers placed on a number line?

Positive numbers go to the right of zero, negative numbers go to the left of zero.

Can a zero be negative?

no, it is in between negative and positive numbers

What would you call numbers under zero?

numbers below zero are called negative numbers.

Can a rational number be negative in the denominator?

Yes. It can also be negative in the numerator. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be rational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers can be irrational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be integers.

How is negative a more than zero?

Negative numbers are less than zero, not more.

What do you call to the numbers that is below to zero?

Negative Numbers

What are numbers less that zero?

Those are "negative" numbers.

What are the numbers that is less than zero?

negative numbers