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If its base diagonals are 8 and 6 then by using Pythagoras it will have 4 equal lengths of 5 cm.

Check: 0.5*8*6*1/3*5 = 40 cubic cm

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Q: What are the integer base lengths of a rhombus based pyramid whose height is 5 cm with a volume of 40 cubic cm?
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What is the slant height of a pyramid that has all sides as equilateral triangles with sides of length of 9 cm and the surface area of the pyramid is 140.4 square cm?

The surface area of the pyramid is superfluous to calculating the slant height as the slant height is the height of the triangular side of the pyramid which can be worked out using Pythagoras on the side lengths of the equilateral triangle: side² = height² + (½side)² → height² = side² - ¼side² → height² = (1 - ¼)side² → height² = ¾side² → height = (√3)/2 side → slant height = (√3)/2 × 9cm = 4.5 × √3 cm ≈ 7.8 cm. ---------------------------- However, the surface area can be used as a check: 140.4 cm² ÷ (½ × 9 cm × 7.8 cm) = 140.4 cm² ÷ 35.1 cm² = 4 So the pyramid comprises 4 equilateral triangles - one for the base and 3 for the sides; it is a tetrahedron.

What is the volume of a pyramid with a height of 3 centimeters and a square base with side lengths that measure 8 centimeters?

Volume of pyramid: 1/3*8squared*3 = 64 cubic cm

What is the height of the Great Pyramid?

the height of the Great Pyramid in Giza 455.4 feet.

What is the height of the triangular faces of a pyramid called?

The height of the triangular face of a pyramid is called the slant height.

What is the integer for 55 inches?

integer in 5'6 in height

Prove that a rhombus has congruent diagonals?

Since the diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular between them, then in one forth part of the rhombus they form a right triangle where hypotenuse is the side of the rhombus, the base and the height are one half part of its diagonals. Let's take a look at this right triangle.The base and the height lengths could be congruent if and only if the angles opposite to them have a measure of 45⁰, which is impossible to a rhombus because these angles have different measures as they are one half of the two adjacent angles of the rhombus (the diagonals of a rhombus bisect the vertex angles from where they are drawn), which also have different measures (their sum is 180⁰ ).Therefore, the diagonals of a rhombus are not congruent as their one half are not (the diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other).

How do you find the perpendicular height of a square based pyramid?

To find the perpendicular height of a square pyramid, first compute for the volume of the pyramid. Then divide the volume by the area of the base to find pyramid's height.

What is altitude for rhombus?

It is its vertical perpendicular height

What is the height of pyramid?

The height of a pyramid is taken to be the vertical distance from the centre of the base, to the tip of the pyramid. I.e Not the slope height, which will be longer than the vertical height. If you're asking about the height of an actual pyramid in Egypt, they vary a lot. They're not all a standard size.

What is the formula for the height of a rhombus?

Any formula for the height of a rhombus will depend on the information that you do have. Without that, all that can be said is that, if the sides of the rhombus are x units, then 0 < h < x where the height is h units. If h = 0 then the rhombus degenerates into a flat line, while at h = x it becomes a square.

Is the slant height of a pyramid and the altitude of a pyramid congruent?


How do you find the height for a rectangular prism with the giving lengths and widths?

You cannot. The lengths and widths are not sufficient information to determine the height.

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