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whole numbers

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Q: What are the numbers called to the left of the decimal?
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What are the numbers called after the decimal point?

They are the decimal fractional part.

What do the numbers on the left of a decimal represent?

The previous number!

What are the numbers called to the right of the decimal?


What is the number to the left of a decimal point called?

The number to the left of a decimal point is the integer part or the whole-number part. The part of a decimal to the right of the decimal point is the fractional part. The decimal point is called the decimal separator.

What are the numbers that are behind the decimal called?

If you mean the numbers to the right of the decimal point, they comprise the fractional part of the number.

What are decimal numbers with decimal points before and after the decimal point called?

There can be no number that has more than one decimal point.

What is the left side of the decimal point is called?

It is called the ones place.

Why do you add a decimal point in math with numbers?

To the left of a decimal point are whole numbers. On the right of a decimal point are parts of a whole number.

Word denoting the dropping of numbers behind decimal point?

You may be thinking of rounding (right of the decimal) or zero suppression (left of the decimal).

How do you multiply two-digit numbers in a decimal?

To multiply two digit decimal numbers, multiply the numbers as you would without the decimals. To put the decimal in the answer, count the number of decimal places in the two numbers and put the decimal in the answer that many places to the left. For example: 5.12 x 6.35 = 32.5120. If the numbers were 51.2 x 63.5, the answer would be 3251.20.

How do you round 2986.34157 to three decimal points?

Just take away the numbers from the right one by one until you have 3 decimal numbers left.

Are positive numbers whole numbers?

No. Positive numbers can be whole numbers but they can also be decimal numbers and fractions. If a value is a whole number, it does not have a fraction or decimal part and it is not negative. Whole numbers are also called natural numbers or counting numbers.

What are two ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different?

Whole numbers are a proper subset of decimal numbers. All whole numbers are decimal numbers but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers.

The classification of nonfiction books in a library by numbers are called what?

Its called the Dewey decimal system.

How do you turn numbers into percent?

u move decimal point two places left

What decimal numbers come before zero?

The decimal numbers that come before zero are : -20.3, -40.8 , -0.6 , -6.02 and many more . These are the numbers come before zero and present on left side of the number line.

How do you change percentages to numbers?

Remove the percentage sign and divide by 100. In decimal form, it means simply move the decimal point two spaces to the left.

How are whole numbers and decimal numbers similar?

All whole numbers are decimal numbers.

Is 0.8mm the same as 8mm?

No. 8mm can be written as 8.0mm For decimal numbers the numbers on the left hand side of the decimal point are whole numbers and the numbers on the right hand side of the decimal point are parts of numbers, fractions. 0.8 is not a whole number. 8.0 is a whole number so .8 and 8. are not the same

Do you move the decimal point to the left when multiplying numbers?

You don't move the decimal point at all. You just multiply the numbers and the point should sort itself out or be put of how many digits it is to be.

Why does multiplying numbers by 10 move the decimal to the right but multiplying numbers By .10 you move the decimal to the left?

0.10 = 1/10 so that multiplying by 0.10 is the same as dividing by 10.

How is a decimal and percent related?

The decimal and percent forms of numbers are related by moving the decimal point two places to the left to convert a percent into decimal form. i.e.: 10.00% = .10 00

How many numbers are in a decimal?

Any amount of numbers can be in a decimal.

Which number is bigger 2.3 or 3.2?

3.2 (the numbers on the LEFT of the decimal determine which number is biggest)

What are never ending decimals numbers called?

Irrational number or repeating decimal