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correlation, temporal priority, lack of spurious correlation

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Q: What are the three conditions necessary for causation between variables?
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What are some relationships that exist between variables?

Causation, correlation...

What are some relationship that exist between variables?

Causation, correlation...

What are some relationships that exists between variables?

Causation, correlation...

Define and differentiate between endogenous and exogenous variables?

The endogenous variables value is established by the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The exogenous variables value in independent of the conditions of the other variables in the structure. The difference between the endogenous and exogenous variables is the endogenous depends solely on the structure and the exogenous depend on outside elements.

What can a line graph to tell you about the relationship between variables in a experiment?

The extent of changes between the variables throughout different conditions or circumstances.

What does correlation mean in maths?

Correlation is a statistical measure of the linear association between two variables. It is important to remember that correlation does not mean causation and also that the absence of correlation does not mean the two variables are unrelated.

Why do historians need to distinguish between causation and correlation?

Correlation by itself is understood not to be sufficient to conclude causation. That two variables change together in a highly correlated way could mean that changes in both variables are being controlled or caused by something altogether different that has not yet come to light or that has not been considered as the cause.

What does no trend mean?

Usually the expression is employed in the context of the relationship between a dependent variable and another variable. The latter may or may not be independent: often it is time but that is not necessary. In some cases there is some indication that that there is a linear relationship between the two variables and that relationship is referred to as a trend.Note that a trend is not the same as causation. There may appear to be a strong linear trend between two variables but the variables may not be directly related at all: they may both be related to a third variable. Also, the absence of linear trends does not imply that the variables are unrelated: there may be non-linear relationships.

What are the necessary conditions to show causation in science?

There are three conditions that must be present to show causality: 1) there must be a strong correlation between the proposed cause and effect, 2) the proposed cause must precede the effect in time, and 3) the cause has to be present whenever the effect occurs (Burns & Grove, 2001, p. 791).

How do correlation and causation differ?

Correlation is when two things are related or have similar properties and they can exist independently. Causation means that one thing made the other thing happen.

What is the difference between correlation analysis and regression analysis?

In linear correlation analysis, we identify the strength and direction of a linear relation between two random variables. Correlation does not imply causation. Regression analysis takes the analysis one step further, to fit an equation to the data. One or more variables are considered independent variables (x1, x2, ... xn). responsible for the dependent or "response" variable or y variable.

How are causation and correlation similar?

both have connections between multiple events

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