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There are more than two but the two most common ones are plane trig and spherical trig.

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Q: What are the two kinds of trigonometry?
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What are two kinds of measurement in trigonometry?

distance and angle

What are the kinds of trigonometry?

The main kinds are plane trigonometry and solid trigonometry. The latter will include trigonometry in hyper-spaces.

How many kinds of trigonometry are there in mathematics?

Two types of trigonometry are recognized: planar and spherical. Planar is 2-dimensional, while spherical is 3-dimensional. Though these are different fields, spherical trigonometry is really just an application of planar trigonometry in several planes.

What are the kinds of angles in trigonometry?

adjacent opposite hypotenuse

What are the different kinds of angles in trigonometry?

Right, acute, and obtuse...

What are the two branches of Trigonometry?

The two branches of trigonometry are plane trigonometry, which deals with figures lying wholly in a single plane, and spherical trigonometry, which deals with triangles that are sections of the surface of a sphere.

What are the two types of trigonometry?

Trigonometry based on a unit circle and radians and trigonometry based on a right triangle.

What is the other kinds of trigonometry?

The wording of the question implies that you already have some kinds of trigonometry in mind and wish to know about others. However, you have not communicated which ones you do know about and we cannot guess that. As a result, we would not know whether our answer gives the kinds of trigonometry that you are already aware of or new ones. Consequently, it is not possible to answer the question with the amount of information it contains.

Who are the two astronomers recognized as the founders of trigonometry?


What are the angles in trigonometry?

Angles in trigonometry are the same as any other angles. They are a measure of the separation between two lines which meet at a point.

What are the 2 branches of trigonometry?

plane trigonometry spherical trigonometry

What are the kinds of relation in trigonometry?

one-to-oneone-to-manymany-to-onemany-to-manyI hope it helps :D LLe Jiks

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