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distance and angle

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Q: What are two kinds of measurement in trigonometry?
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Two kinds of measurement?

two types of measurement in culinary arts are liquid and dry measurements:>

What are the two kinds of trigonometry?

There are more than two but the two most common ones are plane trig and spherical trig.

What is the two kinds of measurement?

That would be metric and Imperial.

What is the difference of trigonometry and geometry?

Trigonometry is a branch of geometry which is primarily concerned with the properties and measurement of triangles.

How many kinds of trigonometry are there in mathematics?

Two types of trigonometry are recognized: planar and spherical. Planar is 2-dimensional, while spherical is 3-dimensional. Though these are different fields, spherical trigonometry is really just an application of planar trigonometry in several planes.

Where does the term trigonometry come from?

"Trigonometry" comes from the Greek words trigonon and metron, and roughly translates to "the measurement of angles".

Where is the word trigonometry came from?

trigon = triangle metry = measurement.

What are the two types of measurement in trigonometry?

Angular displacements measured in radians or stradians, lengths of lines measured in units of length.

What are the kinds of angles in trigonometry?

adjacent opposite hypotenuse

What is the litteral meaning of trigonometry?

'Trigonometry' comes from Greek: 'trigonon' = 'triangle' and 'metron' = 'measure'. So, basically, the measurement of triangles.

Definition of initial side in trigonometry?

The side that the measurement of an angle starts from.

What are the different kinds of angles in trigonometry?

Right, acute, and obtuse...

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