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Q: What are the kinds of relation in trigonometry?
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Who made trigonometry?

Hipparchus is considered as the father of trigonometry. he was the one who found the relation between angles of a triangle and its lengths of sides. this relation has developed into an entirely new branch in mathematics as trigonometry. so, one might as well say that he 'made' trigonometry.

What is relation between Trigonometry and criminology?

There is no direct relationship. Trigonometry can be used in criminology as can many branches of mathematics and of science.

What is the difference between angles of trigonometry and angles of geometry?

In geometry, angles are studied mostly in relation to each other. In Trigonometry, angles are studied in relation to side lengths and triangles.

What are the kinds of angles in trigonometry?

adjacent opposite hypotenuse

What are two kinds of measurement in trigonometry?

distance and angle

What are the different kinds of angles in trigonometry?

Right, acute, and obtuse...

What is the relation of trigonometry with arithmetic sequence?

None. There are relations to power sequences, though.

What is the other kinds of trigonometry?

The wording of the question implies that you already have some kinds of trigonometry in mind and wish to know about others. However, you have not communicated which ones you do know about and we cannot guess that. As a result, we would not know whether our answer gives the kinds of trigonometry that you are already aware of or new ones. Consequently, it is not possible to answer the question with the amount of information it contains.

Uses of sin cos ect in maths?

The uses of Sin, Cos etc. in Maths is in relation to Trigonometry. Trigonometry is the study of the relationship between angles and lengths of triangles.

How many kinds of trigonometry are there in mathematics?

Two types of trigonometry are recognized: planar and spherical. Planar is 2-dimensional, while spherical is 3-dimensional. Though these are different fields, spherical trigonometry is really just an application of planar trigonometry in several planes.

What is the different kinds of relation?

good relation, bad relation... also known as suck relation. fun relation, sex relation, happy relation, blood relation.

What is trigonometry of reciprocal relation?

cosecant = 1/sine secant = 1/cosine cotangent = 1/tangent

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