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In computer programming, variables refer to a particular location in the memory that holds a value. Variables are equivalent to their assigned values.

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Q: What are variables in programming?
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What are two kinds of variables?

Dependent and independent (Experimental variables)Primitives and Reference variables (Java Programming)...

What type of linear programming can be found by graphical methods?

A linear programming question with two variables. Problems with three can be solved if there is a constraint that reduces them to effectively two variables. Linear programming with 3 variables, using 3-d graphs is possible but not recommended.

How are constants and variables important in devoloping java programs?

Without variables, you won't be able to do much programming. Variables is where you store data; such data may change over time. And computer programming is all about manipulating data.

Why do you need to assign a variable in programming?

Strictly speaking, you are not bound to use variables, but they can be very useful in programming.

What are extern variables?

"Extern" variables, constants and functions appear in multi-module programming. The extern specification used with the C programming language is used in module A to describe variables, constants, or functions which module A will use, but module B defines.

Why do you need to keep variables the same?

In programming, variables change all the time. In scientific testing you control variables to determine what other changes occur.

How do I figure out the programming decision and variables for anything?

There is no programming solution for "anything". Programs are specifically designed to solve a particular problem.

Does HTML allow you to declare integer real string and boolean variables?

HTML is not a programming language and as such does not allow you to declare variables.

What are the differences in between conventional programming?

Um, one of its variables is both the same? :-)

What is definition section in C programming?

It is used to define or set values to variables.

Why should variables be declared in a programming?

a variable should in a programming because as the definition implies it is a named location in the memory where all the data is to be stored

How do you declare variables in computer programming?

It depends on the programming language, please re-ask this question with the language you are asking about in either the question or the categories.

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