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Q: What comes first length or width?
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In measuring a curtain does the length or width come first?

Length comes first in measure quadrilaterals.

What comes first in a rectangle the length or the width?

It doesn't matter.

What comes first on rug measurement length or width?

After looking at several sites the rugs were all describe by the shorter(width) first.

When measuring a blanket what comes first length or width?

Either doesn't really matter.

When measuring anything what comes first length or width?

in most documentation the length comes 1st but it usually doesn't matter unless you are doing something other than adding or multiplying.

What comes first width by height or height by width when defining rectangular duct dimensions?

width always comes first

What goes first length or width?

for what? usually when you say the two, length is said first

How do you work out a square prism width and height when given volume and length?

Volume = Length x Width x Height. If the prism is square, then either Height = Width or Height = Length In the first case, Volume = Length x Width2 and so Width = sqrt(Volume/Length) and Height = Width. In the second case, Volume = Length2 x Width and so Width = Volume/Length2 and Height = Length.

When writing length width height what come first?

It doesn't matter but Length * Width * Height is usually how people say it :D

How can you tell whether the measurements on outside of bedspread package is width or length first?

Width should always be first.

What comes first when computing cubic meters Width x length x height?

It makes absolutly no difference, you will still come up with the same amount. Generally I would do width x length and then the height. That way when you write it down the larger number is on top.

What are the dimensions of a table if the perimeter is 36 and the length is 5 times the width?

perimeter = length + length + width + width = 2*length + 2*width = 36 length = 5*width 2*(5*width) + 2*width = 36 12*width = 36 width = 3 length = 15