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19, 38, 57, 76, or 95

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Q: What could be a term in the sequence a equals 3n plus 16 n?
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What is the nth term sequence for 3n plus 3?


What is the seventh term of the sequence whose nth term is n plus 1n-2?


When In a geometric sequence the term an plus 1 can be smaller than the term a?

Yes, it can.

What are the first four terms of a sequence when the nth term equals n to the power of 4 and what term number is 14641 in the sequence?

1, 16, 81, 256 14641 is the 11th term.

What is the nth term to the fibornacci sequence?

the (n-1)th term plus the (n-2)th term.

What is the nth term of 7-10-13-16-19?

The nth term of a sequence is the general formula for a sequence. The nth term of this particular sequence would be n+3. This is because each step in the sequence is plus 3 higher than the previous step.

What are the first four terms of a sequence when the nth term equals 3 to the power of n and what term number is 729 in the sequence?

The first four terms are 3 9 27 81 and 729 is the 6th term.

What is the 8th term of a sequence when the rule is 3n plus 4?


What is the 7th term of a sequence when the rule is n2 plus 2?


A certain arithmetic sequence has the recursive formula an equals an-1 plus d If the common difference between the terms of the sequence is -11 what term follows the term that has the value 11?

an = an-1 + d term ar-1 = 11 difference d = -11 ar = ar-1 + d = 11 - 11 = 0 The term 0 follows the term 11.

What is the 77nth term of this sequence?

I try to be psychic, but fail miserably. If you could give me a clue, like the first few terms of the sequence, I could have a go at giving you the 77th term.

What are the first five terms of the sequence whose nth term is N4 plus 225?

2,1,0 is th sequence of its terms

What is answer for 7th term sequence with nth term 5 2n is?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals".

If a equals 4 and d equals -2 what is the first four terms of the arithmetic sequence?


Which one is a rule for the n th term of an arithmetic sequence with a8 equals 56 and d equals 5?

T(n) = 5n + 16

What is tenth term of the sequence 2n plus 1?

1st term= 3 2nd term = 5 Nth term = 2n+1 10th term= 21 = 2(10)+1

What is video composition?

Without a context, it is difficult to give you the answer you want. You could term a filmed sequence as a 'video composition' in much the same way that you could term a musical sequence as a 'musical composition'.

What is the nth term of the quadratic sequence 4 7 12 19 28?

nth term is n squared plus three

What is the expression 3n plus 1 when n represents a number's position in the sequence?

nth term

Which equation could you use to find the nth term of a simple interest sequence?


What is the 7th term in the sequence for which a1 equals 10 and D equals -3?

a7 = a1 + 6*D = 10 + 6*(-3) = 10 - 18 = -8

Which of the following equations could you use to find the nth term of a compound interest sequence?

The following is the answer.

What is Nth term of a non linear sequence?

It is not possible to answer the question since a non linear sequence could be geometric, exponential, trigonometric etc.

Find the 35th term of the sequence in which a1 equals 7 and the common difference is 7?

a(n) = 7n so a(35) = 245

What would the seventh term be in a geometric sequence with a3 equals 125 and r equals 5?

You have the 3rd term and you want to go out four more so multiply by 5 this many times: 125*5^4 = 78125