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Q: What do you call a graph of vertical bars that measures frequency?
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What is a graphic representation of a frequency distribution contructed by erecting vertical bars?

A bar graph.

A graph consisting of vertical bars with no space between bars is called a?

A bar graphA graph consisting of bars is called a bar graph. It is irrelevant whether the bars are horizontal or vertical or whether there are spaces between the bars or not.

What graph that uses horizontal bars or vertical bars to compare numbers or quantities?

A graph that uses bars is simply called a bar graph.

A graph that features bars rising from a baseline are?

Vertical bar graph.

When you draw the bar on a bars graph do they go horiztonal or vertical?


What general statements can make your graph?

can be created with vertical bars or with horizontal bars.

What kid of graph presents data using vertical or horizontal bars?

A bar graph

What graph use vertical and horizontal bars to make comparison?

That would be a bar graph.

What Uses vertical bars to display data?

A bar graph uses vertical bars to display data. Each bar represents a category or group, and the height of the bar represents the value or frequency of that category. This type of graph is commonly used to compare and visualize data across different groups or categories.

What kind of frequency distribution graph shows the frequencies as bars that are separated by spaces?

Bar Graph

What is a bar graph representing frequency distribution with no spaces between the bars is called an?

a bar graph

What is a cumulative frequency histogram?

-Construct a frequency table-Draw a horizontal axis and mark off the intervals.Label the horizontal axis.If the first interval does not start at 0, use a "break" symbol on the axis.-Draw a vertical axis and identify a scale for the frequencies. Label the vertical axis.Often, the vertical axis is "frequency".-Draw bars with heights corresponding to the frequency values in the table.-Give the graph an appropriate title.