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Q: What do you conclude by golden ratio and golden rectangle?
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How is the golden rectangle to the golden section?

The ratio of the shorter side of the rectangle to the longer side is the same as the ratio of the longer side to the sum of the two sides. And that ratio is the Golden section.

How is golden ratio used in architecture?

In italy, the Pantheon, however has the golden ratio. Its pillars below the roof is a rectangle, the golden rectangle, on the roof (top part) is a triangle, the golden triangle.

Why is the golden ratio considered the ideal ratio?

It is considered that a shape, eg. Rectangle, with the golden ratio looks "most pleasing to the eye".

What is the Golden Rectangle?

The Golden Rectangle is a geometrical figure whose side lengths are in the golden ratio. It can be made with only a compass and a straight edge.

How do you find the measures of an golden rectangle?

The golden rectangle ratio: 1:(1 + the square root of 5) over 2 or about 1.618

Are the dimensions 3 by 1.854 that of a golden rectangle?

Yes. The ratio of its length to width is only 0.0055 percent different from the golden ratio.

In a golden rectangle if the top and bottom lines of the rectangle are each 3 and one half inches how long would the side lines of the rectangle be?

To make it a golden rectangle the sides should be in 1:0.618 ratio. Lets say your width is made of a + b. a and b are in golden ratio. THis gives a + b = 3.5 <---- equ 1 b = .618 a (because they are in golden ratio) substitute to equ 1 1.618a = 3.5 a = 3.5/1.618 = 2.163 b = 1.336 now you can construct your sides with a = 2.163 to have a golden rectangle

Why is the golden ratio golden?

You know the golden rectangle? Well it is in lots of parts of nature. From sea shells to galaxies. It is also a favorite in art and style.

How is the Golden Ratio related to the Parthenon in Athens?

if you draw a rectangular outline around the Parthenon, you can then divide it into different squares based on the way of drawing a golden rectangle. you will find it's related to the golden ratio.

What is a golden rectangle?

A golden rectangle is a rectangle where the ratio of the length of the short side to the length of the long side is proportional to the ratio of the length of the long side to the length of the short side plus the length of the long side. It is said to have the "most pleasing" shape or proportion of any rectangle. The math is like this, with the short side = s and the long side = l : s/l = l/s+l Links can be found below to check facts and learn more. In ratio terms, the Golden Rectangle has a width/height ratio of 1.618/1.

In a golden rectangle the ratio of the length to the width equals the ratio of the length plus width to the length find the golden ration?

1+ square root of 5 over 2 not positive

Is there a golden triangle if there's a golden rectangle?

There are both golden triangles and golden rectangles. In order to be considered golden the ratio must be the same as the sum of the longest side to the other two sides.

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