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Yes. The ratio of its length to width is only 0.0055 percent

different from the golden ratio.

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Q: Are the dimensions 3 by 1.854 that of a golden rectangle?
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What numbers contains the dimensions of a rectangle with the same perimeter as a rectangle whose dimensions are 5 m by 3 m?


How is a rectangular prism different than rectangle?

A rectangular prism has 3 dimensions. Whereas the rectangle has only 2 dimensions.

What is the dimensions of a rectangle with a perimeter of 34 inches and an area of 42 inches squared?

The dimensions of the rectangle are 3 inches by 14 inches

The dimensions of a smaller rectangle are 3 ft by 9 ft The dimensions of the larger rectangle are 5ft by 11ft Find the ratio of the area of the smaller rectangle to the area of the larger rectangle?


Draw a rectangle with an area of 36cm and a perimeter of 30cm?

The rectangle has dimensions of [ 12 x 3 ].

What is the primeter of 9m 3m?

If they are the dimensions of a rectangle then the perimeter is: 9+3+9+3 = 24m

The length of a rectangle is 3 m less than double the width and the area of the rectangle is 65 m2 . Find the dimensions of the rectangle.?

The dimensions are 10 m by 6.5 m and so 10*6.5 = 65 square m

Which is the length width and height of the rectangle in millimeters?

It depends on the rectangle, but in any case, a rectangle is a 2-dimensional figure so it cannot have measurements in 3 dimensions!

The length of a rectangle is 3 cm greater than its width the perimeter is 24 cm What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

7.5cm x 4.5cm

What is a rectangles dimensions if it has a area of 45 and a perimeter of 36?

It is a 3 x 15 rectangle !

If the dimensions of a rectangle are a plus 3 b a plus 3b and a and minus 3 b a and minus3b what is the area of the rectangle in terms of a a and b b?

It is a2 - 9b2.

What is the dimensions of a rectangle with the perimeter of 13 plus 3 plus 13 plus 3?

13 x 3 JHC!

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