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Q: What does always true mean in math terms?
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What does accuracy mean in math terms?

It is a measure of how close the calculated value is to the true value.

What is a math staement that is always true?

the math def' of always true is like certain

What is it called when an equation is always true?

In math, an equation that is always true is called an identity.

What does valid mean in math?


What does the word properties mean when used in maths?

There are many properties in math, some for each of the four major operations. They always hold true.

What is could be in math terms?

"Could be" might mean something along the lines as "there exists an element..." For example, you could say that "The statement 2x + 1 = 3x could be true" because there exists a number (x = 1) such that the statement is true.

What is a math conjunction?

A math conjunction is a connection of operands by the logical and mathematical term AND. It connects two or more terms and the function can only be true if both (all) statements are true. If any one (or both) is false, the set is false.

Is it true that if you are good at math you will fail thermodynamics?

No. Success at math is more likely to improve your skills at thermodynamics. All sciences benefit from some degree of math skill even if only for the ability to think in logical terms.

What does always true mean in algebra?

It means that you can have infinitely many answers because it is true for all real numbers so it is always true.

What does canonical mean in math?

It simply means accepted as true without the need for proof.

Is it true that the score of the same data with the same mean are always the same?

No, it is not true.

Why are math expressions true?

math expressions are true because its also science