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the math def' of always true is like certain

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Q: What is a math staement that is always true?
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What is it called when an equation is always true?

In math, an equation that is always true is called an identity.

Which staement is true concerning US foreign policy in the 1930s?

Passing the Neutrality Acts.

True or false if you took a true if then statement inserted a not in each clase and reversed the clauses the new staement would also be true?

True. In that case, each of the statements is said to be the contrapositive of the other.

Pakistan ministry of finance approved 2.9 trillion budget 2009-10?

First, What is the question? Second, how can this possibly be a true staement?

Why are math expressions true?

math expressions are true because its also science

Is if you like math then you like science an inverse?

In order to determine if this is an inverse, you need to share the original conditional statement. With a conditional statement, you have if p, then q. The inverse of such statement is if not p then not q. Conditional statement If you like math, then you like science. Inverse If you do not like math, then you do not like science. If the conditional statement is true, the inverse is not always true (which is why it is not used in proofs). For example: Conditional Statement If two numbers are odd, then their sum is even (always true) Inverse If two numbers are not odd, then their sum is not even (never true)

In math what one thing do you need to prove a statement is false?

To prove a statement false, you need ONE example of when it is not true.To prove it true, you need to show it is ALWAYS true.

A general statement of a kangaroo?

general staement kangaroo

What is whitbread mission statement?

whitbread mision staement

Is area always squared in math?

Yes, area is always squared in math. I know this because I asked my math teacher ( who is the best math teacher ever!)

Is it true that people who are bad at essays but good at math and economics will fail physics chemistry and engineering?

It always depend on the person if he will pass a subject or not.

What does the word properties mean when used in maths?

There are many properties in math, some for each of the four major operations. They always hold true.