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To round of, means to make the number to the closest higher or lower integer.

If the number is closer to the lower integer, then you round down.

If the number is closer to the higher integer, then you round up.

If the differences is equal e.g. 2.5, the you must also round up.

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Q: What does it mean to round off is it to round up or down?
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Round off 430?

To round off 430 you will have to round up or down. To round down then it till be 400 to round up it will be 500

How do you round significant figures off?

If the answer is equal to exactly .500000 do not round. If the answer in below this, then round down and if it is greater then round up.

How do you round off the number 16?

You round off the number 16 to the nearest ten by rounding up to 20. You look at the number to the right of the number you want to round, if it is a 5 or above you round up and if it is a 4 or under you round down.

What is 0.075 round off to the nearest centavo?

.08 or 8 centavos. If the cut off digit is 5-9 round up. If the cut off digit is 0-4 round down.

What is 37.5 round off to a whole number up and down?

38 and 37

Do you round up or down 60.33333?

To round to the nearest whole number, round down to 60. To round to the nearest hundred, round up to 100.

How do you round a decimal up or down?

Up if it is more than half, down if it is less than half. You round it off by omitting the decimal place. So .0234 becomes .023, and .0236 becomes .024.

When rounding pressure do you round up or down?

Round down

What is 18.2665 round to in the nearest hundredth?

18.27 ( 5 and up round up 4 and down round down :P )

How do you round up 15.334 up or down to 2 decimal places?

Always look at the next digit to the right of where you want to round up or down to. If the next digit is 5 or more, you round up. If it's 4 or less, you round down. In this case, you would round the number down to 15.33

When estimating do you round up or down?

when the last digit is 4 or under, round down. "five or above, give it a shove" round up.

What does round to the nearest ten mean?

It means you should take your answer and round it up or down to the nearest multiple of ten. and number that ends in 1,2,3,4 you round down and any number ending in 5,6,7,8,9 you round up. for instance . . . 13 ends in a 3 and would round down to 10. 18 ends in an 8 and would round up to 20. 775 ends in a 5 and would round up to 780. 1282 ends in a 2 and would round down to 1280. Hope that helps.

How number are rounded off in significant figure?

The question is not using the terms correctly. A number is rounded to N significant places, N being a variable. So you would round to 2 significant figures, or 4, 5, or whatever was appropriate. Good explanatins and examples are to found from the links below, If you are asking whether to round up or down, in pre-computer days, it was usual to round down between .0 and .49, and to round up from .5 to .99. With the advent of spreadsheets, it is more dependent on the programming. Some round up, some round down. Some round up half the time and down the other half. Some randomly round up or down.

Round off 29.635 to 2 dp?

29.635 can be rounded down to 29.63 or rounded up to 29.64

What is 2555 rounded to the nearest 10?

Depends if you want to round up or down. If you round up it's 2560, and if you round down it's 2550.

Do you round 35 up or down to 34?

It is higher, so it would round down.

How do you round off decimals?

If the decimal is .5 or greater you round up. Such as if a number is 7.5 you round it off to 8.

What does estimate in hundreds mean?

It means to round up if the number is bigger than 5 and if the number is lower than 5 you round down

How do you round off to the tens place?

Whether to round up or down depends on the digit in the units column. If the unit value is less than 5, you round down, if the unit value is 5 or above, round up. For example: 12 (The unit column contains a 2, which is less than 5, so round down) becomes 10 15 (The unit column contains a 5, which is 5 or above, so round up) becomes 20

How do you round off 0.96?

It would round up to 1.

How do you do a round off back handspring?

You do the round off, which is a cartwheel but you land on two feet. Once you mastered that, you learn how to rebound which is after you do the round off you jump up. After that, you do your round off and then instead of jumping up, you jump backward with your hands above your head and do the back handspring.

What does y mean with brackets round?

(Y) means thumbs up and (N) means thumbs down :)

How do you round to the nearest whole?

if it is half or above you round up otherwise round down

What is small and round and goes up down up down?

a ball of cause

What does to the nearest cent mean?

Let's say you did a calculation and the answer was 15.56 cents. You would round up to the nearest cent so your answer would be 16 cents. If the answer were 15.2 cents you would round down to the nearest cent and the answer would be 15 cents. AT 15.5 you could round up or down.