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It means to chanhe the y value (4,5)to (-4,5)

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Q: What does reflection over the y axis mean?
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What does reflection over the y-axis mean?

Example: if you have a point with the coordinates (2,4), a reflection over the y-axis will result in the point with coordinates (-2,4).

What does reflection over the x-axis mean?


What is the rule for finding the reflection of a point over the axis?

For a reflection over the x axis, leave the x coordinate unchanged and change the sign of the y coordinate.For a reflection over the y axis, leave the y coordinate unchanged and change the sign of the x coordinate.

What single transformation is equivalant to a reflection in the y axis followed by a reflection in the x axis followed by another reflection in the y axis?

reflection in the x-axis

What are the coordinates of the reflection of (a b) over the y-axis?

They are (-a, b).

What transformation gives the same result as a rotation of 180 around the origin followed by a reflection over the x axis?

Reflection in the y-axis.

What is the reflection of (-1-5) across y axis?

It is: (1, -5) reflection across the y axis

What is the reflection in Geometry?

Reflections are congruence transformations where the figure is reflected over the x-axis, y-axis, or over a line.

Which graph shows a reflection across the x-axis?

y = -f(x) is a reflection of y = f(x) in the x axis.

What is a horizontal reflection?

a horizontal reflection is a reflection of the y axis. i.e (-fx)

How can you reflect figures in the x-axis and y-axis?

For reflection in the x-axis, change the sign of the y-coordinate of every point.For reflection in the y-axis, change the sign of the x-coordinate of every point.

If the y-axis is the reflecting line and A is -1 2 its reflection image is A' equals?

A' = (-1, -2)