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Positive implies above the x-axis or to the right of the y-axis; negative implies below the x-axis or to the left of the y-axis.

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Q: What does the positive or negative sign of a coordinate tell you about the location of the point?
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How does using coordinate geometry help you determine what type of quadrilateral you are looking at?

If your point is positive positive it is in 1. If tour point is negative positive it is in 2. If your point it negative negative it is in 3. And if your point it positive negative it is in 4.

A point that has a negative x-coordinate and a positive y-coordinate is located in which quadrant?


Is the y coordinate of a point in quadrant II is negative?

in 2nd quad y coordinate is positive

A point that has a positive x-coordinate and a negative y-coordinate is located in which quadrant?

quadrent IV(4)

What quadrant is a point that has a negative x coordinate and a negative y coordinate is located in?

The quadrant where a point has a negative x coordinate and a negative y coordinate is located in quadrant 3.

What must be true about the coordinates of any point that lies in the second quadrant?

The x coordinate in the second quadrant is negative while the y coordinate is positive.

How can you find the coordinates of a point on the coordinates plane?

Points on a coordinate graph are always written (x,y). The X value is equivalent to the location of the point along the horizontal X-axis. This number comes first. If the point is to the right of the main vertical line, its positive; if its to the left, its negative. The Y value equals the location of the point on the Y-axis. If the point is above the main horizontal line, its positive; below this line is negative.

How can you graph and locate points that contain negative numbers in a coordinate plane?

To,plota point, start at the origin and count along the x axis until you reach the x coordinate, count right for positive numbers, left for negative.

Is the line that crosses the y-axis called a y-intercept or a x-intercept?

A line is just a line, but the y-coordinate (the point where the line intersects the y-axis) is termed the y intercept. This point has an x coordinate that is always zero and the y coordinate can be positive, zero, or negative

What is the location of a point on a coordinate plane called?

The location of a point is identified by its two coordinate values, called an ordered pair, in the perpendicular x and y planes.

What is converse of quadrant IV if the points are negative?

The meaning of the question is not at all clear. Quadrant IV contains points whose x-coordinate is positive and the y-coordinate is negative. So what is meant by the "point" being negative? Also, quadrant IV is not an operation. So what is meant by its converse?

A number used to identify the location of a point?