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a: 20/60 = 1/3 and b: 40/60 = 2/3

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Q: What fraction of 1hour is a 20minutes b 40minutes?
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Is the reciprocal of an improper fraction sometimes always or never a proper fraction?

For a fraction A/B, the fraction is improper if A > B. The reciprocal is B/A. So now A is the denominator, and B is the numerator, and B < A, so the reciprocal is a proper fraction. The answer would be always.

What is the inverted form of a fraction?

It is the reciprocal. A fraction, a/b is inverted to b/a

What is six over 7 as an improper fraction?

It isnt possible for it to b an improper fraction. For it to b an improper fraction, it has to first b a mixed no

What is the denominator in a fraction?

It's the number on the bottom of the fraction.

How do you divide fractions by itself?

To divide a fraction by itself is actually pretty easy. Let's say that we have a fraction which is a/b (so a and b could be any numbers and this could be any fraction). Then, we can do the following: (a/b)/(a/b) = (a/b)*(b/a) (in other words, when dividing by a fraction, you can do this by multiplying by the fraction flipped upside down) = (a*b)/(b*a) = 1 (because a and b cancel each other out) Therefore, any fraction (or indeed any number at all) divided by itself will give the answer of 1.

How do you solve an improper fraction to mixed?

Suppose you have the improper fraction a/b where, since the fraction is improper, a > b.Divide a by b so that you have a quotient cand a remainder d.Then a/b = c d/b.

How do you make improper fraction into mixed numbers?

Suppose you have a fraction in the form a/b where a and b are integers and b &gt; 0. Since the fraction is improper, a must be greater than b. Divide a &divide; b. Suppose b goes into a k times and leaves a remainder of r. Then a/b = k r/b

What steps do you take to get a equivalent number from a mixed fraction?

The mixed fraction a b/c = (ac + b)/c

When multiplying a nonzero fraction by its reciprocal the product is call?

When you multiply a nonzero fraction by its reciprocal you get 1. Take this example.Lets say you have a fraction called (a/b). The reciprocal of that fraction would be (b/a). If you multiply the two you'd get (a/b)*(b/a)=(ab/ab). Anything divided by itself is 1.

What is forty nine divided by B as a fraction?


What is the fraction for 1 rhombus fitting in a trapezoid?

Suppose the parallel sides of the trapezium are a and b units where a < b. Then the fraction of the area of the trapezium that is the rhombus is a/[(a+b)/2] = 2a/(a+b).

How To get rid of radicals in the denominator by multiplying the fraction by a helpful form of?

If there is only the radical, sqrt(b), in the denominator, the form of the fraction is sqrt(b)/sqrt(b).If the denominator is of the form a + sqrt(b) then the form of the fraction is [a - sqrt(b)]/[a - sqrt(b)].It is also possible to use [-a + sqrt(b)]/[-a + sqrt(b)], and this form may be preferred is a^2 < b.

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