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six tenths

1cm = 10mm

0.6cm = 6mm

0.6 = 6/10

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What is 4mm equals to 1cm?

the answer is 6mm by jay jay

How long in 6mm?

6mm would be 0.6 cm because 10mm is 1cm and 1 cm -4 would be 0.6

The Diameter of a circle is 1cm 6mm what is this radius of the circle in mm?


What fractional part is of a kilometer is 700 meters?

what fractional part of a meter is a centimeter

What is a fractional part of a logarithm called?

The fractional part of a logarithm is called the Mantissa.

What is a fractional portion?

A fractional portion is part of a whole portion

What is the normal measurement of the renal cortex?

Average is 5-6mm. Some radiologist use 1cm as the norms and anything less than that is considered thinning of renal corticol.

How do you determine the fractional part of a group?

Leave at least one element of the group and take the rest. You will have a fractional part of the group.

How do we change the mix number into an improper fractions?

Multiply the whole number part by the denominator of the fractional part and add the result to the numerator of the fractional part.

What fractional part of a liter is 6?

A litre is a measure of volume. 6 is a pure number. A number cannot be a fractional part of a volume.

What is the fractional part 1 over 6 of 60?

The fractional part is 0 since 1 over 6 of 60 is an integer.

What is a whole number with the fractional part attached?

A whole number with a fractional part attached is called a mixed number. Hope this helps!

Why a mixed numbers is not in the set of integers?

By definition, a mixed number contains a fractional part. Also, by definition, an integer does not have a fractional part.

How do you find a fractional part of a fraction?

Remove the integer part!

What is fractional ionization?

Fractional ionization occurs when part of a cell loses ions due to collision of molecules. If the ions in the cell turn from positive to negative, but only part of them turn, this is called fractional ionization.

What is the fractional part of the number -6.3?

The fractional part of -6.3 is -0.3, or -3/10. (Note that the fractional part cannot be 0.3, because -6 + 0.3 = -5.7 because of how positive and negative numbers are added.) Note: If this question is from work you have been assigned by a teacher or professor, I suggest you do the work yourself instead of trying to find the answers online. This will help you to better understand the material and become more familiar with it. Of course, if this question was not from homework, you can disregard this message.

How do you turn a mixed number into a decmial?

The integer part of the mixed number is the integer part of the decimal. The use long division to convert the fractional part of the mixed number to the fractional part of the decimal.

What fractional part of a pound is an ounce?


How do you change a whole number into a mixed number?

You cannot. A whole number cannot have a fractional part whereas a mixed number must have a fractional part.

What is the equivalent to 1 centimeter?

* 1cm = 10mm * 1cm = 10000um * 1cm = 0.01m * 1cm = 1'000'000nm * 1cm = 0.00001km * 1cm = 1'000'000'000pm

How do you form the fraction part of the quotient?

The fractional part is the remainder over the divisor.

What fractional part of a year is a week?


Three is what fractional part of 12?

4 would be the answer

What fractional part of a degree is 45'?

It is 3/4.

What fractional part of 64 is 2?