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AWG # 6 copper.

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Q: What gauge wire for 50 amp breaker?
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What wire size should you use for with a 50 amp breaker?

# 8 awg (american wire gauge) wire minimum, although #6 is preferred.

What is amp rating for 6 gauge wire?

50 amp

Can 50 Amp breaker replace 45 Amp breaker?

Both a 45 amp and 50 amp breaker would require 6 AWG wire. So if you have 6 AWG wire and any devices like an outlet are rated at 50 amps or greater you are okay.

50 amp breaker needs what wire size?

6 AWG wire

What gauge wire for a 220 volt 50 amp at 50 feet?

# 6 gauge.

What gauge wire for a 220 230V compressor that requires a 60 amp circuit breaker if the length of the run is under 50 ft?


Can you change a 50 amp receptacle to a 15 amp receptacle?

Yes as long as you change the 50 amp breaker to a 15 amp breaker. You will be hard pressed to get the 50 amp #6 wire under the terminals of the 15 amp receptacle.

What size breaker do you need for a stove?

From a 40 amp breaker, standard ranges have a three conductor #8 copper wire installed, terminating in a three pole four wire grounding receptacle. NEMA number 14-50R. Usually a 50 amp double throw breaker will do with 6 gauge wire

240v nema6-50r outlet wired with 6 gauge wire and 50 amp breaker you need to run a heater with a nema 6-30p can you simply put a 30 amp receptical in place of the 50 amp receptical?

Not legally because the rating of the 30 amp receptacle would have a 50 amp breaker ahead of it. If you reduced the feed breaker to 30 amps and still use the #6 wire, this would be within the electrical code rules.

What gauge of wire for a 50 amp breaker?

A #6 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 75 or 90 degrees C is rated at 65 amps.

What size wire for 75 feet of wire for a 30 amp 220 volt oven?

A 30 amp breaker run 75 feet would require you use AWG #10 wire. But, an oven normally pulls more that 30 amps and I would not use #10 wire on a 30 amp breaker for an oven. Normally any newer oven is wired with AWG #6 gauge wire on a 50 amp circuit breaker so the breaker will not trip during heavy use of the oven. Some older ovens could use a #8 wire on a 40 amp breaker.

What gauge wire for a 220 volt 50 amp at 200 feet?

3.5 wire

What is the wire size for 50 amp breaker to ac unit?

6millimeter square.

Can you use 8 three wire for a 50 Amp breaker to an oven range?

No .

What size breaker should be used for a double oven?

50 amp breaker wired with AWG # 6 wire.

What is type of breaker for 41 amp's?

50 amp breaker.

What gauge wire is required to hook up an electric kitchen stove?

Normally a new kitchen stove will require a 50 amp breaker wired with AWG # 6/3 with ground wire.

What gauge wire for 60 amp curcit?

A 60 amp circuit would normally have a #6 size wire, which is what is normally run for a stove, which is typically on a 50 amp 2 pole breaker for the normal home stove. The distance of the wire run might require a bigger size wire if it is very long.

Would 8ga wire run 50 amp at 50'?

more like 6 gauge

What gauge wire is needed for a 220 50 amp circuit?

AWG #6

Can you use a 50 amp breaker with a 60 amp overcurrent device?

A 50 amp breaker is an overcurent device.

What size breaker do you need for a Whirlpool 4 cycle dryer?

It should take a two pole (220V) 50 amp breaker and matching plug wired with # 8 or # 6 gauge wire. Check your manual.

Can you plug a 30 amp dryer to a 50 amp stove outlet by having a stove wire plugged in the 50amp stove outlet connected to a 30 amp breaker with 6 or 8 amp wire going from breaker to a dryer outlet?

Yes. A 30 amp rated dryer can be served by a 50 amp rated circuit. There is no requirement to change the breaker to 30 amps, but it is best to do so.

Can a 100 amp main have 2 50 amp breakers?

Yes.Additional InformationBreakers and fuses protect the wires to prevent fire. The 100 Amp breaker in the meter base (main) protects the wire from the meter base to the breaker panel. The 50 Amp breaker in the breaker panel protects the wire from the breaker panel to the outlet. Sometimes the 100 amp main breaker is located in the panel.If you are asking "Can you use two 50 amp breakers for the main breakers with a 100 amp service, then yes you can. The National Electrical Code allows you to use up to 6 breakers as the main overcurrent protection.

What gauge wire and amp breaker do you use on a stove dryer and hot water heater?

A stove is a two pole 50, and hot water heater i would recommend the same.