What graphs measure?

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pie graphs

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Q: What graphs measure?
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What are graphs useful?

graphs measure how far something can go and the distance between. that's all I got right now

What graphs can you use to measure correlation?

A scatter graph can be used to establish whether or not there is correlation and to get an approximate idea as to its strength. But no graph will actually measure correlation.

Do graphs represent equations?

Bar graphs and line graphs do not. Straight line, parabolic, and hyperbolic graphs are graphs of an equation.

Kinds of graphs for science?

Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts Bar graphs, line graphs, and pie charts

What are three graphs that scientists commonly use?

Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Pie Graphs.

What are several types of graphs?

Line graphs and Bar graphs

How are bar graphs and line graphs and circle graphs different?

circle graphs add up to 100% , bar and line graphs don't

What are the three types of graphs scientist use?

Pie Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Line Graphs are three graphs that scientist use often.

What is a type of graphical graph?

All graphs are graphical graphs because if they were not graphical graphs they would not be graphs!

What are the three main types of graphs in physics?

Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Circle/Pie Graphs.

When is it best to use a line graph?

Line Graphs are a type of graphs so are bar graphs, pie graphs, pictographs. But line graphs would be best used in the hosptal when measuring heart rates and blood pressure, or any thing that is moving regurlarly. A line chart is best used to visualize a trend in data over intervals of time. you use a line graph to measure a particular amount of liquids.

How do doctors use graphs?

measure diffrent types of medicine and to see how far to cut into someone during surgery.

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