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A scatter graph can be used to establish whether or not there is correlation and to get an approximate idea as to its strength. But no graph will actually measure correlation.

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Q: What graphs can you use to measure correlation?
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What is correlation coefficient of correlation?

correlation measure the strength of association between to variables.but some times both variables are not in same we cannot measure it with the help of correlation. in this case we use its coefficent which mean unit free. that,s why we use it.

What graphs measure?

pie graphs

A correlation coefficient is a measure of the?

A correlation coefficient is a numerical measure of the

Does a good correlation have to be positive?

No. If the correlation coefficient is close to 1 or -1, then the two variables have a high degree of statistical linear correlation. See the related link, particularly the graphs which illustrate correlation.

How measure the sun temperature?

Use a spectrometer to measure the wavelength of the light. There is a direct, but inverse correlation of the wavelength to the temperature.

If you had to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide coming out of a volcano what instrument would you use?

You would use a correlation spectrometer.

What are the three types of graphs scientist use?

Pie Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Line Graphs are three graphs that scientist use often.

What instrument would you use to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide coming out of a volcano?

correlation spectrometer

How do you use correlation in a sentence?


What is the purpose of using correlation analysis How might correlation analysis be used in business decisions or in strategy formulation and implementation?

The correlation analysis is use in research to measure and interpret the strength of a logistic relationship between variables.

What are three graphs that scientists commonly use?

Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, and Pie Graphs.

Why do scientists use graphs?

Scientists use graphs to organize data.

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