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A heptagon. It can have a reflex interior angle, a triangle cannot.

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Q: What has large interior angle a triangle or heptagon?
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If the total angle of a triangle is 180 degrees what should be the total perimeter of a triangle?

The sum of the 3 interior angles of any triangle ... no matter how large or small ... is always 180 degrees. This rule has no connection to the perimeter of the triangle. The perimeter may be one inch, less than one inch, 10 miles, more than 1,000 miles, etc., and the sum of the interior angles is always the same 180 degrees.

The vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is twice as large as one of the base angles Find the measure of the vertex angle?

90 degrees. This is an isosceles right triangle, standing on its hypotenuse.

What is the measure of an interior angle of a polygon?

Any value between 0 and 360 degrees excluding 180 degrees and the two extreme values. The exception is a triangle where it cannot be as large as 180 degrees.For a regular convex polygon, each interior angle is determined by the number of sides n:interior angle = 180 (n-2) / nFor an equilateral triangle, 180 x (1) / 3 = 60For a square 180 x (2) / 4 = 90 (right angles)

The second angle of a triangle is four times as large as the first The third angle is 10 degrees more than three times the first angle Find the measure of the first angle?

Let x equal the first angle.let 4x= the second anglelet 3x+10x+4x+3x+10=180 The sum of the interior angle measures of a triangle is 180 degrees.8x+10=180 combine like terms8x=170 addition(subtraction) property of equalityx=21.25 degrees

When I divide a large right triangle into two small right triangles will the hypothenuses of the two small triangles equal the hypothenuse of the large triangle?

No but the sum of the squared sides will equal the square of the hypotenuse using Pythagoras' theorem for a right angle triangle

The second angle in a triangle is one third as large as the first the third angle is two thirds as large as the first angle find the angle measures?

The angles could work out as: 1st angle = 90 degrees, 2nd angle = 30 degrees and 3rd angle = 60 degrees because the 3 angles add up to 180 degrees

What can be the ratio of the length of the longer leg of a 30-60-90 triangle?

the ratios in such a triangle are 1:2:sqrt(3) so the longest length is opposite the 90 degree angle and is twice as large as the length opposite the 30 degree angle

In triangle ABC the measure of angle B is 40 less than the measure of angle A the measure of angle C is 20 more than twice the measure of angle A what is the measure of angle C?

A = 60 B = 20 C = 140 This can have a large number of answers.

If An angle is twice as large as its complement How large is the angle?

60 degrees.

What is the measurement of an angle that is half as large as the other angle?

The first angle that is half as large as the other angle is 30º The other angle that is the larger is 60º

The second angle of a triangular parking lot is four times as large as the first angle The third angle is 45 degrees less than the sum of the other two angles How large are the angles?

First angle=X Second angle=4x Third angle=5X-45 Since the angles of a triangle always = 180o x+(4X)+(5X-45)=180o 10X-45=180 10X=225 X=22.5 Therefore. . . First Angle=X=22.5o Second Angle=4X=90o Third Angle=5X-45=67.5o

Is it possible to make large square using only isosceles triangle?

Yes 2 congruent right angle isosceles triangles joined together will make a square

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